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Africa Volcano

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Birthplace of human life and teeming with natural wonders
This vast continent, believed to be the cradle of human civilization, is home today to over 50 countries and numerous ethnic groups, languages, and cultures, as well as many diverse ecosystems, including wetlands, deserts, and jungles. Many of Africa’s countries were formed by European colonizers in the late 19th century, and shaped before that by the Atlantic slave trade. 

The turbulent history of South Africa, located on the continent’s southern tip, stands out as an example of this horrific legacy. Since the 1990s, the country has begun the process of shedding its long-established system of apartheid, or legal institutionalized racism, that was directed by Dutch and British colonizers towards the local Bantu people. 
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Kim was excellent. She and the driver had not worked together before and they were an excellent team.
Joline was delightful! She was very knowledgeable and wanted to gear the tour to the interests of our teenagers.
Hi Context! My parents and I have been on several different context tours and have always been so impressed. It can be hard to find serious tours and context typically delivers. I understand that Cape Town is a new location for context. I was disappointed in my experience in Cape Town as I didn't think it was a consistent experience that I have had before with Context. I think our guide is more than qualified and is clearly so knowledgeable. Further, she adds local colour to the tour and happily shares her personal experiences growing up in South Africa. That being said, I found much of her tour to be anecdotal stories and pseudo-scientific rather than deep factual explanations of significant historical events. For instance, we glazed over the Anglo-Boer war and only barely discussed Apartheid and Mandela. For those participants looking to learn about Slavery exclusively and are interested in stories about specific slave experiences and Lesser known Boer figures, then she is your guide! But the title of the tour is Dutch trading to Democracy, which encompasses much more than that. I can also appreciate that of course, it is challenging to cover so much history in three hours, but I don't feel like I walked away with a deeper understanding of the more significant historical events. Perhaps more coordination between Context and the guides to ensure the consistency is required. I will continue to go on Context tours. In fact, I'm booked in Vienna next week. I am otherwise, always impressed w the Context experience, but think this one tour could use a little more oversight. I hope this feedback was helpful!! Thank you, Claire