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Home to an impressive environmental and cultural diversity
This vast landmass is home to more than 12 countries and a dizzying array of cultures, religions, languages, and peoples, the effects of centuries-long interactions between the continent’s indigenous peoples, Spanish and Portuguese colonizers, and African slaves. 

South America also boasts some of the globe’s largest and most impressive geographical features, including the Amazon River, the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Angel Falls waterfall and the Atacama Desert. 
Peru's Culinary Capital
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Everything was grest
My wife and I have traveled all over the world for many, many years, and Natalia was among the top guides we have ever had, anywhere! In fact, she may be the best! She just has a very special way of sharing, such a super positive energy mixed with a tremendous talent for engaging with people. She was knowledgeable about many different subjects in BA and Argentina, history, arts, culture, architecture, economics, and more. Hearing about her own family and personal history in BA made the tour especially meaningful. The three hours together went by very quickly and was so action packed. We learned so much in such a short time -- we just can't say enough good things about her. Thank you, Natalia!
Andres was absolutely excellent; exactly what you would expect of a Context guide. He went in depth in to explain the pre-European history of Peru and the Lima area. He did so in a way that contextualized the rest of our visit. We went back to his teachings over and over throughout our trip as we visited different sites and museums. Suggested improvements: - the Lima section of the Context Travel website is underdeveloped. Only after we emailed with interest in setting up a tour were we provided with rough outlines of the suggested walking tours: historical panorama, social sciences, politics, gastronomy. These tour outlines should be posted on the website so that they can easily be reviewed online without emailing back and forth. A disclaimed can be made that these are just the common suggestions - the historical panorama tour that we took was quite long in terms of time; it seems that the itinerary is the same for the full day as for the half day and this is a point to consider for future tours as trying to fit the full day itinerary into a half day's time is probably too much. There may be a role for considering cutting some elements to make a tour that is comfortably done in 4 hours in the case of the half day tour.