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South America Architecture

South America
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Home to an impressive environmental and cultural diversity
This vast landmass is home to more than 12 countries and a dizzying array of cultures, religions, languages, and peoples, the effects of centuries-long interactions between the continent’s indigenous peoples, Spanish and Portuguese colonizers, and African slaves. 

South America also boasts some of the globe’s largest and most impressive geographical features, including the Amazon River, the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes Mountains, the Angel Falls waterfall and the Atacama Desert. 
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This was a perfect tour of Buenos Aires and something I highly recommend.
We spent all weekend with Santiago (yesterday’s tour BA Belle Epoch Architecture). Today he came with architecture books to supplement yesterday’s tour. Today’s tour of the museum included discussion of the architecture of the MALBA. Santiago’s knowledge of the history of modern Latin American Art is extensive and he is not afraid to share his favorites pieces from the collection. Taking the conversation to the street brought us to a residential neighborhood outside the tourist zone. Santiago shared a long-term mural project which included artists from many South American countries. His knowledge of the genre and painting techniques were such a delight. As both a working street artist AND architect, this architect and curator could not have asked for a better companion. And his English is expert! We have a new friend!
Pisco tour was an excellent walking tour (which you sort of need when drinking so early). We learned a lot about the liquor and the cocktails, but also a lot about the neighborhood Barranco.