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A Beginner's Guide to Context Tours

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Context Singapore Night Tour

Context Singapore Night Tour

When you book a Context tour, you might notice you are asked to select between a number of options, whether its private, small group, or custom. Since it can at times be a little challenging to know what the differences and similarities are between all of these, here’s a quick guide:

Small Group Tours

The two most clearly different tours are small group versus private; simply put, one is a shared experience and one is not. The small group tour is a shared experience on set days and times. These tours are the ones we’ve found to be the most popular in our cities for travelers seeking to meet others, while still enjoying a group that's small enough to allow for interaction with the expert.

Within the small group realm, there are two variations: confirmed and tentative.


Most confirmed small group tours require a minimum of two or three participants, so, a confirmed group means you’re joining a tour that has the minimum number of participants already or your group meets these requirements.


A tour is categorized as tentative if your group size is too small to confirm. In the case of a tentative tour, two options will be presented: either “confirming” the tour by agreeing to pay for the necessary or to receive a tentative walk update.

Choosing “confirm now” means that we will confirm a guide and charge for the spaces on the small group tour, if by the service date no one else has joined, we will charge the card on file or the PayPal account for the additional space(s).

Selecting a “keep tentative” means we will neither confirm nor charge the tour and reach out to you to see if you would like to confirm the tour or allowing you to cancel. Often times, other people join a small group tour before the selected “tentative walk update” is sent out, at which time we will charge the balance due.

Private Tours

A private tour, as the name suggests, is one that would be your group and the guide. With private tours there is often, venue permitting, a bit more flexibility with start time and the exact narrative of the tour. With a private tour, there’s the freedom to adjust to suit your interests: you can spend a few more minutes with your favorite painting than you would necessarily on a small group tour.

Custom & Multi-Day Tours

The final option is a custom & multi-day tour—this is something you would design in coordination with our regional teams and expert guides. Choosing to create a custom tour does not mean customizing the start time of one of our standard options, but rather selecting an entirely bespoke option. All of our custom tours are private and can be designed to fit your schedule, from a half day to 6+ days, single city to multi-city.

With so many options, it can of course be more helpful to review these with a knowledgeable Context staff member. Our client services team is always happy to help and can point you in the right direction based on your interests. Ready to book more tours? Get started here!