A Beginner's Guide to Context Tours

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Context Singapore Night Tour

Context Singapore Night Tour

When you book a Context tour, you might notice you are asked to select between a number of options, whether its private, small group, or custom. So which option is right for you?

Private Tours - For One-on-one Learning

Available in over 60 cities worldwide, our signature private tours pair you with an expert that is exclusive to your party. While our private tours follow a set itinerary, you'll have more freedom to adjust the tour to fit your needs. Want to spend some more time with a certain painting? Want to deep dive into a niche topic? With our private tours, you'll be able to ask your expert to adapt to your own interests for a truly unique experience.

Private Tours:

  • Perfect for most customers looking for a true deep dive into a city or venue with a leading expert
  • Follow a set itinerary, but are adaptable to your needs and interests
  • Offered daily in over 60 cities worldwide

Small Group Tours - For Travelers Who Want to Learn with Others

Available in a selection of our most popular destinations—Rome, Paris, Athens, and Barcelona—our small group tours are perfect for couples and solo adventurers looking to meet other intentional travelers. But don't think this is a standard follow-the-umbrella tour: at Context, we cap our small groups at 6 people to allow for deep conversation and dialogue with the expert and other like-minded learners.

Small Group Tours:

  • Perfect for customers looking to connect with other travelers
  • Led by the same world-class experts that lead our private experiences
  • Follow a set itinerary, but still offer adaptability due to small group size (capped at 6)
  • Offered on select days in our top venues (View availability here.)

Custom Tours - For Travelers Seeking A Truly Bespoke Experience

While we think our private tours will fit the needs of most travelers, in some cases, we can coordinate with our experts for a custom experience. Our client services team is always happy to help identify the best experience for you.

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