Supporting Our Experts Through The Russian-Ukrainian Crisis

Special Statement from Context

Special Statement from Context

Context is a global community of learners and experts based on mutual respect, dialogue, and a love of learning. We are heartbroken to watch the global events of the past few weeks unfold; we condemn the senseless violence perpetrated by Russia in the Ukraine.

At this time, the safety and security of our experts is our top priority. Context is a home and source of income for many thoughtful scholars around the world, including in eastern Europe. We have thus made the decision not to cancel any events presented on subjects pertaining to Russian history or culture. In times of crisis, especially, we believe fostering cross-cultural understanding is of utmost importance.

We are committed to being a platform for our expert community in eastern Europe. If it becomes unsafe for our experts in the impacted regions to lecture, we may need to cancel on short notice. While our experts will likely be keen to take questions during their events, we will moderate the chat to ensure respectful dialogue. We thank you for your understanding in advance. 

Context will be donating all proceeds for Russian and Ukrainian hosted events to Nova Ukraine, a Ukrainian based humanitarian aid organization. If you would like to join us in supporting these scholars, we encourage you to donate or to leave a tip at checkout – 100% of which goes straight to our experts. 

Thank you for your support and understanding during this challenging time for our experts and staff. In a time when travel to eastern Europe will be disrupted for the foreseeable future, we hope we can come together, as we always have, through shared learning experiences.


Team Context