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Full-Day Delphi Day Trip from Athens

Journey to the ancient ruins of Delphi with an archaeology expert
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10 hours
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  • Delphi Archeological Museum
  • Delphi Stadium
  • The Temple of Apollo
  • The Treasury of Siphnos
  • The Sphinx of Naxos
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  • Explore ancient ruins as well as the myths, gods, and odysseys surrounding them on a day trip from Athens
  • Led by an archaeologist
Tour Description
Ancient Greece was a land of myths and gods, odysseys and oracles. The majestic ruins of the oracle at Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located two and half hours outside of Athens on Mount Parnassus, offer a view into the religions and myths of this country. On this Delphi Tour, a day trip from Athens led by an archeologist, we explore the ancient wonder of Delphi, gaining a deeper appreciation for its ruins and what they tell us about the legacy of Greek culture. 

Delphi Tour - The Navel Of The World

Tucked away on the mountain in a setting fit for the gods, the ruins at Delphi leave no doubt about their splendor. Called "the navel of the world," this monument to Apollo remains an impressive archaeological site. The Delphic Oracle, an older woman selected for her purity, was approached for most important decisions during classical times. Together we will ascend through mountain roads to the site, taking in the sweeping views.

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Myths and Monuments

As we trek through Delphi, we will learn about ancient Greek myths from our guide, an archeologist or expert in ancient Greece, like Apollo’s killing of the serpent Python and subsequent exile. We will uncover the significance of the epic location and remaining structures, such as The Temple of Apollo, The Treasury of Siphnos, the Sphinx of Naxos, and the stadium where the Pythian Games were held. We will also visit the Delphi Archaeological Museum, exploring the extensive ruins and artifacts of the area in depth.

When we return to Athens, we will have a richer understanding of the history and mythologies of Delphi. Once you're back, why not take in more ancient Greek splendor on our Daily Life in Ancient Athens: Agora Tour?


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We took the full-day Delphi day trip with Popi as our guide. She was amazing. Incredibly knowledgable and able to convey the historical significance of the site, but also a warm and engaging conversationalist and teacher in the ride to Delphi and back to Athens. Five stars!
Great tour and excellent guide. Panos was wonderful!
It was perfect!