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Go beyond the guide book to unravel the secrets and splendor of Buenos Aires’ golden age of architecture
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3 hours
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  • Congresso Square
  • Palacio Barolo
  • Teatro Colón
  • Retiro Neighborhood
  • Plaza San Martin
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  • Decipher hidden messages in the ornate facade of Palacio Barolo, a Dantean allegory waiting to be unraveled.
  • Create unforgettable memories of hidden gems discovered, secrets unveiled, and lively discussions amid the grand architecture of Buenos Aires
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Tour Description

Ready to experience Buenos Aires as it was in its golden age? Transport yourself back in time, hearing the cobblestone streets echo with horse-drawn carriages and smelling the scent of jasmine as it’s carried on the breeze. This is Buenos Aires, the "Paris of South America.”

  • Meet your guide in front of the neoclassical facade of the National Congress. Standing in the presence of the building’s Corinthian columns, you’ll feel the echoes of power and the ambition of a nation fueled by agricultural wealth.
  • Move toward the breathtaking Palacio Barolo, a building that’s design was greatly influenced by the architect’s love for Alighieri. Lift your gaze to the heavens to take in the Gothic spires that reach to the sky and absorb the building’s intricate details that perfectly capture the nation’s intertwining of wealth with artistry. Run your fingers along the cool, polished marble as you discuss the ideas of how Argentine citizens chose to present themselves both publicly and privately.
  • Stop in front of the opulent Teatro Colón, a culmination of the work of several renowned architects, one of whom was murdered during construction… Dive into the mystery and beauty of this building with your guide, and discuss the social commentary that played out alongside soaring arias, a microcosm of Argentina's evolving identity. Fun fact: This national icon is considered one of the top ten opera houses in the world by National Geographic. 
  • Explore hidden gems like Palacio Pizzurno, its intricate carvings whispering tales of progress and education, or the Water Company Palace, a Neo-Gothic testament to infrastructure's transformative power, if time allows.
  • Stroll through Recoleta and Retiro, moving along Avenida Alvear to take in the elegant Parisian-inspired mansions and charming plazas that hold grand stories from the past. Walk the same streets as the former Argentenian elite and imagine the laughter that echoed through grand salons, the clinking of glasses at lavish soirées. 
  • Stop at the Retiro Train Station, a majestic melody of iron and glass. Listen for the rhythmic click of approaching trains and examine the foreign influences that played a hand in the Argentine economy and social standing on the global stage.  

Though your tour ends here, your understanding of Buenos Aires is only beginning to unfold. Against the backdrop of incredible architectural feats, you now have a greater insight into the complex threads that shaped a nation and a newfound appreciation for its architectural grandeur.

  • You want to unravel the hidden Dantean allegory embedded in the Barolo's design.
  • You're not just a tourist, you're a time traveler. You don't settle for snapshots, you seek the forgotten narratives, the secrets tucked away in every archway and weathered facade.
  • You want to gain a deeper understanding of the city's power dynamics, ending your experience feeling like a history buff with a secret handshake.

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Highly recommended!
Santiago was awesome! So knowledgeable and informative. Buenos Aires is definitely better with his tour, beyond our expectations. He talked about architecture and also history, economics and politics. It’s wonderful when you can be guided by a local one, with good general knowledge about the place. When we finished, he waited us to get in the Uber. A real gentleman.
No importó la lluvia, Juan nos llevó con entusiasmo a descubrir la historia de Buenos Aires a través de la arquitectura y sus cambios

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