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Florence Tour For Kids with Duomo and Ponte Vecchio

Explore Renaissance Florence with a family-friendly expert guide
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2 hours
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  • Piazza della Signoria
  • Ponte Vecchio
  • Piazza della Repubblica
  • Florence Duomo
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  • Discover Florence's symbols using all your senses with interactive exploring and storytelling
  • Led by an expert with experience engaging children to help history come alive for them
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Tour Description
Florence is a like cultural playground for kids, embedded with cherished symbols that pop up all over town, sometimes when least expected. During this two hour tour of Florence for kids we join an expert guide with experience in engaging children for the great symbols of Florence. During the walk we'll use these symbols—lilies, the Strozzi's moons, and many others—to understand the Renaissance and how art and imagery inscribed the city with meaning.

Florence for Kids

The path of the walk focuses on the historical center of the city, as every alley and street corner tells a different story. 

Our guide will lead us through the city center pointing out key symbols of the city, including its famous lilies and the coats of arms of its most powerful families. Children, meanwhile, will need to keep their eyes out for examples. How many did they find? Did they see something else? Why do they think the city uses different symbols? We'll also encounter the beloved Porcellino (little pig), who stands guard at the town market and has become a veritable mascot of the city. No child visiting Florence can resist touching his golden snout at least once!

This walk is an excellent way for families to build a knowledge base that will accompany them on their further explorations of the city. The city will become all the more familiar for everyone, after having been introduced to some of its most colorful characters and enduring legends.

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Tell us about you

In order to plan the best possible experience for your children, it's helpful for us to have some background. Have they traveled to other countries in the past? If so, where? Have they studied any subjects in school that would relate to the walk? What are they most interested in? The more you can tell us, the better.

FAQ About the Florence Tour for Kids

My children are in their early to mid-teens. Is this walk appropriate for them? Our family tours are primarily designed for children under the age of 13, and this one, in particular, is ideal for young kids. For teens we would recommend our private adult Introduction To Florence: With Accademia And Michelangelo's David tour, the content can be adapted to an age-appropriate level.

Will this tour be engaging for parents as well? Our guide will be able to answer the client’s questions but the overall focus will be geared toward children. 

Do we go inside the Duomo or just see it from the outside? All venues are seen from the exterior only on this tour.
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We had a really great tour experience. It was just at the right pace - we felts like our kids learned but also were just enjoying the experience. Our children are different ages (5 and 10) so some was more meaningful to our eldest, but both seemed engaged and had fun. Would not hesitate to recommend to others.
Valerie was fantastic! She knew so much about Florence and really gave us an above and beyond tour! We loved it! She also gave us a great recommendation for lunch! So happy we booked with context travel!!
Absolutely amazing experience!