Full-Day Pompeii Day Trip from Rome with Skip-the-Line Tickets

Visit the archaeological site and Naples Archaeological museum with an expert guide
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8 hours
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  • Pompeii Archaeological Site
  • Naples Archaeological Museum
  • Naples Train Station
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  • Explores ancient roads, private homes, shops and other structures that illustrate what everyday life was like in Pompeii
  • Includes a private car service during the duration of the tour
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Buried in ash when the nearby Mt. Vesuvius volcano exploded in 79 A.D., the wonderfully preserved ancient Roman city of Pompeii ranks as one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. In this Pompeii tour, a full-day trip from Rome, we'll join a local archaeologist or classical historian for an in-depth tour of Pompeii, coupled with a visit to the Naples Archaeological Museum, where many of the artifacts from Pompeii have been stored. 
  • Pompeii Archaeological Park
  • Naples
  • Naples Archaeological Museum
  • 8 hours with a PhD or MA-level archaeologist or classical historian 
  • Car service during the duration of the tour
  • Tickets into Pompeii Archaeological Park
We'll begin with a first class train ride from Rome to Naples, the easiest and fastest way to travel the majority of the distance. Once in Naples, we'll meet our guide, hop in a private car, and be whisked to the archaeological site of Pompeii, where our day truly begins.

Upon arriving in Pompeii, we will spend about three hours exploring the site, walking the ancient roads, stepping into private homes frozen in time, and spending time in the shops, baths, and theaters where Romans lived two thousand years ago. Along the way, our guide will focus on everyday life and, using the amazingly well-preserved ruins around us, paint a portrait of the complex social, political, and economic world in which Roman citizens lived.

Leaving Pompeii by early afternoon, we will return to Naples by car. Our first stop will be a small, local restaurant in the city center where we can grab lunch and debrief on what we've seen so far.

Next, we'll take a short stroll through Naples on our way to the famed Naples Archaeological Museum, one of the most important museums of ancient history in the world. It is here where many of the statues, paintings, and other artifacts excavated at Pompeii are stored, making it a critical component of any day trip from Rome to Pompeii. Following our guide's lead, a native Neapolitan, we might stick our heads into a church or two, or stroll down an enigmatic alley of this rich city. 

The group will then head to the Archeological Museum of Naples, where we will build on the knowledge gained during our exploration of the archaeological site. The impressive museum was founded by the Bourbon kings of Naples in the late 18th century in order to house the antiquity collection amassed during the major excavations the royal family financed. A close reading of these frescoes, models, and artifacts fully illustrates the enigma that is Pompeii and is a fitting conclusion to our day-long discovery. 

Traveling with kids? Check out our Pompeii for Kids Tour that includes games and fun activities. For those visiting Naples, we offer both a half-day Pompeii Tour and a full-day private Mount Vesuvius Tour, a private-only tour that can be designed around your interests.

What costs are not included in the tour?
We will stop for a lunch break but you'll be responsible to cover for the cost of lunch for you and the guide.  Your expert guide will suggest a choice of local restaurants. The car service includes transfers throughout the tour and leaves you at the museum with your guide. It is a good idea to have some local currency on hand for the cost of your lunch as well as the cost of a taxi back to the train station.

Are the tickets to the Naples Archaeological Museum included?
Yes, we also pre-purchase tickets for the museum.

What are skip-the-line tickets?
For this tour, your tickets are pre-purchased which allows you to skip the ticket office line upon arrival at the venue. You may still have to wait in a security line or in a line to have your pre-purchased ticket scanned.   

How long is this excursion?
With travel time to Naples and back to Rome included, your entire day will be close to 10.5 hours, while the actual time with the expert guide for the tour is 8 hours. Your day will start by train around 8am and end around 6:30pm in Rome when your train returns.

Are the first class train tickets included in this excursion? 
No. First class train tickets to and from Naples are not included in the price of this excursion and must be added on separately during checkout. Clients have three options for purchasing train tickets:
  1. Purchase tickets from an outside vendor (travel agency, directly at any Italian train station, etc.). If pursuing this option please remove the tickets during booking.
  2. Leave in your cart the appropriate train tickets to your order with us.
  3. Add a note to this tour request (in the "Special Interests" box) that you want train tickets (and class type) and we'll add them to your order for you.
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We had a wonderful day with Fiorella. She was both extremely informative and had a delightful personality. Her Pompeii adventure was terrific and she shared some local highlights in Napoli as well. Highly recommended.
Exceptional tour - We all know Pompeii is spectacular, but it was our guide Francesca that made it all come to life. Amazing knowledge of her subject matter, ease of moving through the tour, keeping us on time, but not short on information or seeing the important parts of the tour. The added portion of the Museum of Architecture in Naples was fantastic also. Highly recomend this tour for anyone wanting to see Pompeii, and especially recomend Francesca as your preferred tour guide. Thanks for the great experience.
Wonderful variety. Great day trip from Rome.