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Convicts, Strumpets, and the Plague

Discover the hidden stories of convict life in Sydney
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3 hours
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  • Tour of Sydney’s Rocks neighborhood led by a history professor
  • Visit an archaeological site that changed our understanding of Australian history
  • Big Dig, Cadman's Cottage, and Rocks Museum
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46 Reviews (4.83)

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I love the fact that our guide is a true expert and is able to pivot and answer virtually all questions we had. What I find to be more compelling about each of the guides we have experienced through Context is the passion for their local history. We look for a Context guide as a matter of course now when we travel.
You can not improve perfection. Patricia is a hard driving encyclopedia of community foundations and development. She offers every detail down to the zippers and buttons that fell in between the cracks in the floorboards. Half a world away from the Home of Context the enlightenment being delivered is spellbinding. Thank You Patricia ! Thank You Context !! Thank You History !!!
Unfortunately experience with our guide was not a good fit with our family. She had a difficult time building concrete narratives and histories that "came alive" to us, instead painting broader themes about the development of The Rocks and, we felt, glossing over a lot of the more fun historical details. On top of that, her narrative style was a little disorganized...we didn't feel the flow of the narrative as we progressed.