Venetian Wine Tasting Tour

Explore the varietals of the Veneto region with a sommelier
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3 hours
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Local Wine Bars
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  • Discover some of Venice's most authentic wine bars according to locals, complete with sampling of Veneto wine
  • Led by an expert Italian sommelier
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Tour Description
Explore the hidden corners of Veneto wine with a local sommelier on this 3-hour Venice wine tour and wine tasting adventure. During the course of the experience, we will visit several wine bars (enoteche) in an off-the-beaten path area of Venice, frequented mainly by locals. In each wine bar, our personal sommelier will select two typical, quality wines for you to taste, each paired with small Venetian appetizers, called cicchetti.

Venice Wine Tour

We will begin by visiting several outstanding enoteche in the hidden corners of Venice. Away from the crowds of tourists, we will be able to sample some of the region’s distinctive vintages, learning about the history of wine in the Veneto, food pairing, and the high-quality standards maintained by local vineyards. Generally, we start with white wines before moving on to the reds, snacking on delectable appetizers throughout our journey.

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Venice Wine Tasting

During our time together, we will learn about the most important aspects of Italian wine production and its role in Italian culture. Our focus will largely be local as we explore the wines of the Veneto region. Regardless of our level of wine knowledge, this tour is both informative and fun. Our wine expert will be happy to focus on any particular wine topic that interests us most, including history, tasting guidelines, or quality standards.

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FAQ About Wine Tasting: Wines of Venice and the Veneto

Which wines are covered on this tour? 
Each guide includes different wines, both white and red. If you have specific wines you would like to include, please indicate this in your tour notes. If you would like to include top Venetian wines, we can also offer a high-end version of this tour. Please contact us for a quote.

Are the tastings equivalent to dinner?
While we do include some snacks during the tour, some clients may prefer to have dinner afterwards depending on their appetite and dining habits. We schedule this tour for before the standard Italian dinnertime (8 pm) so you are able to go out for dinner after the tour. If clients are interested in learning more about Venetian food, they may like to take our Rialto Market tour or our Venice Annotated Dinner of Venetian Cuisine

Can I take this tour if I have mobility issues?
This is not a walking intensive tour, however, clients do walk between the two wine bars, which is around a 15-minute walk. While there are water taxis in Venice, the distance on this tour is not long enough to warrant a taxi.

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Mario was a great tour guide who gave us a nice overview of area wines and nice tips on where to eat and drink. I appreciated his knowledge and willingness and friendliness in response to our questions. Thank you!
Rachel was very knowledgeable & friendly. Would have preferred another stop. 2 stops & 4 tastes of wine & 4 apps seems low for $800. I wouldn’t choose this experience again.
I loved her my other two travel companions were so fabulous making the four of us including our dosent such a great group. In fact at the end of it we all gave each other a hugs goodbye. That says everything. I thought I was a wine aficionado, but after this one I feel like I should be focusing on region within region. I absolutely came out of this with an understanding of the small Veneto region.