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  • Smithsonian Castle
  • Washington Monument
  • Lincoln Memorial
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From the Capitol building to the Potomac River, the National Mall stretches over two miles in length, covers over 300 acres and serves as the nation's front yard. On your Washington DC tour for kids, you'll learn how a canal originally ran along the Mall to help transport building materials into the city. We'll discover how the grass changed from a pasture for sheep, to a wooded park and now a field for concerts, demonstrations, and frisbee tournaments. We'll talk about why there are so many important buildings and what role they play in the city and the country as a whole, painting a picture of how Washington, DC has changed and evolved over hundreds of years.

Who, What, When.... and Why

Using the Mall and its natural and built environment as our visual textbook, we'll delve into the planning and building of the capitol, from its unique street plan to the lawmaking bodies and cultural institutions that dominate this central strip of land. We'll also learn about the major monuments and memorials along the Mall—what they stand for, why they were built, and what historical figures or events are associated with them. By the end of our time together, we'll come away with a good foundation on which to explore the rest of the nation's capital.

Our expert will make sure that the whole family feels involved and entertained during the tour. 


Does this tour go inside of the Lincoln Memorial?
No, it doesn't usually go inside of the Lincoln Memorial because the site is so crowded.

Does this tour include the museums of the National Mall?
No, this tour doesn’t include the museums of the National Mall.

This tour isn’t showing available in the early afternoon in summer, can I book it for then?
In summer we recommend this tour either in the morning or later in the afternoon due to the heat and the crowds.

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Donald was wonderful! He kept our Grandchildren engaged as much as possible, and was a wealth of information on the Memorials of Washington DC. We really enjoyed our time with him and would not hesitate to book a future tour with Contex!
Michael was great! Very engaging and connected well with our kids.
James was awesome! He was extremely knowledgable and friendly. He was GREAT with our 6yr old and answered all the out of the box questions.