About Kate
Kate has lived in Washington, D.C. for over 30 years, which makes her practically a native by local standards. She received her undergraduate degree with honors from Washington University in St. Louis and then pursued a law degree at Yale. She moved to Washington initially to practice law, but ultimately left her active practice to pursue her passion – showing off her home city and so that everyone can love it as much as she does. She loves storytelling and delves deeply into the history of Washington’s streets, buildings and people. Her goal is to help everyone see past the Big White Buildings to the soul, history, and fun of the Capital City. She also embraces her “inner weird” and is full of fun facts, quirky stories, and idiosyncratic perspectives on the city, as well as its neighborhoods, architecture and, especially, its memorials and monuments. She is member of the Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, D.C. and loves leading tours for all ages.
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