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Discover US history through symbolic significance on an illuminated evening walk
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3 hours
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  • Washington Monument
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial
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  • Join an engaging, local expert at the top of their field in American history as you explore the National Mall.
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The National Mall is America's front yard, a 300-acre park stretching from the Potomac River to the United States Capitol building. It is embedded with iconic monuments and deep symbolism. Your 3-hour evening tour with a local historian will take you on an in-depth exploration of these must-see sights as they become illuminated. Take a stroll with your expert guide and see for yourself how this eighteenth-century landscape continues to evolve and adapt to the twenty-first century. 

Ever wonder how urban planners make decisions about the design and placement of monuments? Or why the city’s street grid is divided into quadrants? Pierre Charles L’Enfant, a French engineer who served under George Washington during the American Revolution, was selected in 1791 to design the new “Federal City”. L’Enfant took inspiration from European capitals like Rome and Paris, working alongside Thomas Jefferson to develop the grid that distinguishes the District today.

As you traverse the 300-acre space, your guide will discuss the landscape as a backdrop for countless events and as a symbol of American struggles and ideologies. You will enjoy learning the ways that the Mall is used today for demonstrations, festivals and recreation. In addition to visiting well-known sites like the Washington Monument, your tour will step off the beaten path to less-visited places of remembrance like the FDR, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Vietnam Veterans Memorials.  

  • It's your first time in Washington, D.C. and you're seeking to discover the most iconic sites of the nation's capital
  • You’re returning to Washington, D.C. and want to dive deeper into US history, important leaders, major wars, and its social movements, from the founding to the present day
  • If you're traveling with children under the age of 12, we recommend our family-oriented National Mall Tour for Kids
  • National Mall Monuments and Memorials
General Information
  • There will be a break in the tour to stop and use bathroom facilities as well as opportunities to stop and rest along the way if needed. Please communicate any mobility needs or concerns with our team at the time of booking. 
Wheelchair accessibility
  • This tour is accessible for clients with mobility issues. It is a very walking-intensive tour but covers almost entirely flat terrain, so it is suitable for wheelchair users. 
Service Dogs
  • Service dogs are allowed if you have a medical certificate proving the need. 
  • For more information about Context tours, please visit our FAQs.
Is this tour suitable for clients with mobility issues? 
This is a very walking-intensive tour, but covers almost entirely flat terrain and all the major monuments and memorials of the National Mall are wheelchair accessible.

Does this tour include the museums of the National Mall?
No, this tour does not include the museums. However, for clients interested in art, we do have a focused tour of the National Gallery of Art.
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Stephen was great!!!