About Dony
Dony holds a Ph.D in Art History from the University of Granada, Spain and an MA in Communication and Culture from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Traveller, art historian, documentary photographer and visual archaeologist, Dony has written 3 books about history and music, including Electronic Samba. Dony is an independent scholar who has explored the globe extensively. He has travelled to more than 38 countries and approximately 200 cities, stopping to delve deeper in Spain, England, Brazil and Italy. He regularly contributes to books and periodicals such as The Ecologist, Traveler magazine and Cambio 16, Lozzy maps and guides. Dony's passion for and life-long research into Art History and Greek-Roman civilization has brought him to lecture at universities and deliver papers at conferences in Spain, Italy and Brazil. With Context he leads walks in Rome, Paris, and Venice. He is currently working on a book about historical Roman musical personalities, which includes such characters as Nero and Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, the Choirmaster at the Sistine Chapel.
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