About Hal
Hal is a national licensed tour guide, based in Tokyo. She spent ten years growing up in England and Germany. During her time there, she discovered that if people from different cultures could respect each other’s backgrounds and cultural differences, they could have peaceful discussions, find positive solutions, and solve many problems. When she returned to Japan for high school, she was amazed with the rich and unique Japanese culture, from the perspective of the returnee. Since then, Hal's goal has been to share Japan's charms with people from all over the world, leading the world towards a better tomorrow. She has been a licensed tour guide since 2017, and is highly enthusastic about the 3 As: Art, Architecture, and Alcohol (sake). Hal trains other guides to give architecture tours as an instructor for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. She is also an International Kikisake-shi (sommlier of sake), exploring the deep world of sake herself everyday. Hal will help brighten your trip by telling you the stories behind the scenery.
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