About Henk
Henk has a wealth of information about the socio-economic and cultural development of the Netherlands and his hometown, Amsterdam. After completing his University studies, Henk joined the UN and subsequently the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation. He is an avid traveller who has been to over 70 countries all over the world, for work and for pleasure. His global perspective has allowed him to appreciate even more the uniqueness and beauty of the Netherlands and Amsterdam. As an economist, Henk is fascinated by how this small country became the wealthiest nation in the world in the 17th century and how the citizens of Amsterdam contributed to this remarkable development. He loves to share his knowledge with visitors on Context tours. Henk is married to a former classical ballet dancer and actress. He is open-minded, well spoken, humorous and eager to share his knowledge. He loves 17th century Dutch paintings, the French impressionists, music, nature and wildlife photography, meeting other people, and rollerblading around the Vondelpark. 
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