About Jennifer
Jennifer is a keen traveler, in her youth Jennifer spent time in India and Asia before she finally settled down to study. As a mature student she studied History, Anthropology and Philosophy. For the first few years after her studies she worked as an Archaeologist on rescue projects uncovering artifacts and sites from neolithic times to the 19th century. A change of career lead her to specialize in Social Care where she began work with the UN providing vital services for refugees from vulnerable countries for several years. A further change turned her path once more to where she is now. Jennifer loves to bring people through the changing fertile lands of the countryside as well as the vibrant hustle and bustle of the cities. Her true passion is to blend the old and the new, combining her historical background with the social and cultural life of Ireland as she weaves tales about places, spaces and the past. You might even find her re-telling the old stories of great High-Kings, powerful Druids, devilish spirits and the mighty warriors.
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