Cape Town
About Katie
Katie has a love affair with wine and her effervessance is palpable as she waxes lyrical about the fruits of the vine. Katie is a registered Tourist Culture Guide for the Western and Eastern Cape with a speciality in the Cape Winelands. She has numerous qualifications in wine including a Sensory Evaluation Certificate from the Universtity of Stellenbosch and two Diplomas from the Cape Wine Academy to name a few. She is on a continuous journey for knowledge to educate her palate and travel the world through a wine glass. Katie is a professional wine taster, qualified to taste and judge for the South African Wine and Spirit Board and is highly sought after for tasting notes and general wine appreciation. She sits on various tasting panels and is recognised throughout the industry. When not in the Winelands, Katie is found conducting Educational Tastings and Service Training within the Hospitality Industry. She is insistent to demystify the wonders of wine and make it assessible to all whilst using humour and fun. From beginners to connoisseurs, you will be enchanted by her knowledge, wit and charm.
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