About Lenka
Lenka Philippová is a religious scholar and currently a resident of the historic district of Prague. Born in the northeast of the country and having moved to the outskirts of Prague at an early age, she likes to joke that she keeps moving through peripheries toward the center – the next stop should be the Charles Bridge. Lenka has a Master's degree in Hussite Theology and Religious Studies, and she is finishing her Ph.D. in History at the Centre of Ibero-American Studies of the Charles University in Prague. Since graduation, she has been also teaching at her Alma mater. Her main interest is the intersection of religion, culture and politics and the many ways the past shapes and is shaped by the present. Lenka is a dedicated walker. While marching through the cobblestone streets of Prague, she loves to trace the many histories and memories visible in its architecture and development. She enjoys sharing her insights and providing visitors of her favorite city with context.
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