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About Nikolaus
Born in the historic Roman city of Augsburg in 1950, Nikolaus Wollmann has been a proud resident of the city of Munich for more than 20 years. After completing his studies in Agricultural Engineering, he spent most of his career at the Munich Trade Fair company, where he was responsible for events in Asia, Africa and the Americas. In addition to planning many industry-related fairs, Nikolaus was also entrusted by the City of Munich to cooperate with the partner city of Sapporo, Japan to stage the first “Munich Christmas Market” in Sapporo. Organizing events all over the world, Nikolaus became acquainted with so many different cultures. It was always a pleasure for him to show the city of Munich to his visitors from abroad. After his official retirement in 2015, he began a new profession as a tour guide, participating in extensive trainings and studies about the city´s history and architecture. He leads tours including “Introduction to Munich – The Making of the City” and the “English Garden Tour – Urban Landscape in Bavaria.” He looks forward to transmitting his deep knowledge of this fascinating city and he will leave not one your questions unanswered.
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