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About Preston
Preston Mohr first arrived in Paris in 2003 to spend a year eating and drinking his way through France while earning his BA in Art History and French Studies at the University of Minnesota. He also holds a Masters in Global Hospitality Management from Georgia State University with a focus on food and wine tourism and sustainability. He has worked in many fields in his 13 years in France, including many facets of hospitality and education, however, wine, gastronomy, and the French <i>art de vivre</i> have always been the focal point of his existence in Paris. In 2013, Preston earned the Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), becoming a sommelier. Preston offers wine tastings, excursions, and other gourmet wanderings using his knowledge gained from extensive travels and studies in France. His goal is to make sure you savor France one bite (or sip) at a time!
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