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About Regine
Born in Innsbruck, Regine is a trained historian and art historian with a degree in diplomatic studies. She has worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Vienna, for the United Nations in Vienna and in Tanzania, East Africa, as well as a lecturer for and as the head of the tourism department at the Divine World University in Madang, Papua New Guinea. About 10 years ago, she settled in Vienna and took up work as a history and art history lecturer, tour designer and licensed guide for different river boat companies. In 2015, she self-published her first book with the title “Maria Theresa of Austria: Full-Blooded Politician, Devoted Wife & Mother-to-All”. Having grown up with a father who was a conservator and specialist in Dutch paintings of the 17th century, she loves sharing her passion for the fine arts in all museums of Vienna. Another of her specialties is to introduce her guests to the architectural beauties of downtown Vienna, with its grand, sometimes hidden, always fascinating features, and to make the spirit of the Viennese lifestyle palpable for the traveler.
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