Vienna Food Tour: Essential Austrian Cuisine

Whet your appetite for Viennese cuisine and cakes worthy of an emperor
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3 hours
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Various local specialty shops and restaurants
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  • Vienna food tour led by local food expert or food writer
  • Features tastings of unique regional specialties and local Viennese products, such as cheese, sausage, and baked goods
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Vienna’s taste for indulgence permeates the city, reaching from the palaces and surrounding vineyards into the very shops and streets of the city. On this Vienna food tour, we'll join a local food expert to explore traditional Austrian foods and new trends in this exciting gastronomic destination. We'll dive into specialty food shops, enjoy some tastings, and learn how Austrian food today is evolving with an eye to tradition.

Vienna Food Tour

This walk will usually start by sampling some traditional Viennese goulasch and dumplings, a dish that highlights the history of Vienna as the center of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. We may discuss the regional variations between goulashes from different countries and how the unique Austrian version evolved.

Our next visits vary from tour to tour depending on our appetites. Stops may include a local cheese specialty shop to sample a variety of cheeses, from silky and mild to full and complex; savory snacks or sausages at a local cafe; a famous local confectionery shop that once had a branch on Fifth Avenue; an Austrian wine cellar; or a street food stand, to relish hearty favorites like Leberkäse—a type of sausage popular throughout Europe’s German-speaking nations. While walking the sidewalks of Vienna, we'll develop a sense of gastronomy's role in the everyday lives of Austrians and the important relationship between a city and its gastronomic traditions.

We'll finish our sensory tour with a sweet treat in a local pastry shop or cafe, getting a glimpse of the cafe culture for which Vienna is known. It is not uncommon for patrons to buy a Wiener Melange - coffee with milk foam - and then simply spend the whole day in the coffeehouse. As gathering places for Vienna's intelligentsia, cafes have historically served as a mise en scene for political, artistic, and social movements. As our walk draws to a close, we'll consider the importance of these intellectual gathering places and how they provide a tableau of Viennese Gemütlichkeit - that famed coziness.

At the end of this walk, we’ll have a greater understanding of how the contemporary food scene in the city converges with tradition and how culinary craftsmanship has shaped the way of life—and we will have indulged in true Viennese fashion.

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Can I participate in food tours if I have food allergies or other dietary restrictions?
This tour may be possible to adapt to vegetarian diets, however, Viennese cuisine is very meat-heavy so the tastings would be more limited. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be possible to adapt for vegan diets. Please note when you are booking the tour if you have any dietary restrictions. 

Is this walk suitable for people with limited mobility?
Yes, it is. There is mild walking, with the possibility of some type of seating in most of the venues. There are no staircases. There may be wheelchair-accessible washrooms available.
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Just wonderful.
Katharina was such a pleasure and spending time with her during our tour was a highlight of our trip. Would highly recommend!
Regine was our amazing guide on this tour about the history of food in Vienna, as well as the current food interests. This was greatly enhanced by Regine's incredible knowledge of Vienna's history, including the important people who were part of this history. But to be specific about the wonderful food, we first visited Feinstkosterei where we ate veal goulash and risotto with asparagus. The veal goulash was served in a delicious broth and the accompanying combination of risotto and asparagus was likewise quite special. The asparagus was in season which added to the taste experience. This visit was followed by a wine tasting at Porta Dextra, where we sampled a Gruner Veltliner with a glass of a Field Blend. The wine was accompanied by an organic mountain cheese (Berpkase) with apricot chutney. The wine, both Austrian, were both very good choices for samples of Austrian wines and the accompanying cheese was a perfect match for the wines. Our third visit was to a Sausage Stand, where we sampled cheese sausage with mild mustard and shredded horseradish, served with a typical Austrian roll, a semmel. This too was incredible and for former residents of New York City, a major win. The fourth visit was to a coffee house, Diglas, where we enjoyed excellent coffee, along with cheese cake with apricot and crumble, as well as a marscarpone and poppy seed chocolate cake. My husband and I can give no higher accolades to these desserts!!. We could not have asked for a better guide than Regine!