About Sara
Sara is an Italian archaeologist specialized in Mesopotamian and Classical cultures. Her PhD dissertation (University of Rome- la Sapienza) focused on the concept of "Sacred" mirrored in Old Babylonian Mesopotamian Architecture. She has participated in many field excavations in Italy and Europe (including the Roman Forum) and in the Near East. There she has been a member for ten years of the Italian archaeological Mission in Tell Mardikh-Ebla in Syria, and has participated in field research in Lebanon and Turkey. For many years, she was also adjunct Professor of Classical Art and Ancient Roman History in a private American university in Rome and worked as a tourist guide in the major exhibition centres and archaeological sites of the "Eternal City." She has also had the opportunity to speak as a lecturer in specialized trips to Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lybia and Jordan and to work as Study Leader for the Smithsonian Institute in archaeological trips in Campania. Since moving to Berlin several years ago, she has acquired a deep knowledge of the city and its historical background. Sara loves to communicate her passion for history, which she likes to bring to life by guiding her guests to vividly imagine how ancient civilizations once were.
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