About Lucrezia
Lucrezia was born and raised in the northern "Sestiere" (district) of Venice: Cannaregio. Since she was a child she's always been curious about different countries and cultures and enjoyed studying foreign languages - that's why she chose to study at the Touristy High School of Venice and after graduating, decided to study Economics of Tourism and Arts at the University of Venice - Ca' Foscari. She has also had chances to travel as well, and visited most of the European countries, spending some weeks in the UK, France and Spain to study, but also had the chance to travel to Russia thanks to her University and to the United States. But the love for her city, Venice, has never decreased during the years! Her "mission" is to let travelers see and appreciate Venice as if they were locals, sharing her passion and enthusiasm for her hometown with them, as only a local could do. She believes that to see the real side of Venice it's necessary to walk far away from the crowds and from the touristy sites and walk through charming and quiet neighborhoods, looking for the hidden corners and peaceful streets of the city, where guests can still feel the authenticity and the magic of this place. Lucrezia also loves to focus also on local traditions, habits and lifestyle today and in the past, to show how it feels to be a local in Venice! She'd like travelers to feel at home here, as if they were simply having a relaxing walk with a longtime Venetian friend!
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