About Yael
Yael is a native Jerusalemite, currently living in the Jerusalem hills. She is a licensed tour guide, specializing in all things Jerusalem, where she has guided for over a decade. She began guiding during her service in the Education Corps of the IDF. As a tour guide, Yael focused on private tourism and educational tourism, leading many birthright groups. She has also fallen in love with culinary tourism in Jerusalem, and has led more then 200 cooking classes and food tours in the city. In 2020, she also joined a professional cooking school in Tel Aviv. Yael loves sharing anecdotes and personal stories in order to showcase Jerusalem's multifaceted culture, history, religion, and, of course, its beautiful and authentic culinary scene. While not always simple, Yael does not shy away from talking about today's controversial reality in the world's holiest city. She loves traveling throughout Israel and the world, cooking, cinema, and planning her family's next adventures.
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