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Mexico Private and Small Group Tours

Mexico Private and Small Group Guided Tours

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Experience Mexico’s breadth and depth
Stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific, Mexico is famed for its dazzling beaches, spectacular mountain ranges, lush forests, and striking desert landscapes. Its history spans the ancient pre-Columbian civilizations, Spanish colonial rule, and transition to modern-day democracy and growing regional power.

Traveling through Mexico’s rural and urban areas is a great way to get a sense of the country. From ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins in the jungle to CDMX’s hypermodern architecture, Mexico is known for its range.
What Context Mexico Travelers Say
308 Reviews (4.86)

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The tour with Julio was fantastic. We had visited the area on our own before but thanks to his explanations and the details he pointed out we were able to see and understand much more. This tour is not a mere architecture walk, the buildings (and voids) are used to illustrate the history and evolution of this part of the city. ¡Gracias Julio!
Nuttallia was just outstanding. Tons of insight into the architecture and culture of the areas. We loved going there particularly because it is something we likely never would’ve done on our own. We loved walking through the park, seeing the variety of trees and plantings As well as enjoying all of the dog walking. She was most Accommodating, helpful, insightful, warm and extremely knowledgeable.
This is a must-do tour. David is passionate about anthropology and gives very clear explanations.