Mexico City Food Tour: Roma Neighborhood

Taste your way through Mexico’s history
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Roma Neighborhood
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  • Curated food experience of Mexico’s traditional and experimental dishes
  • Led by a chef or food critic
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Some staples of Mexican cuisines, such as tortillas and mole, have become famous the world over, while delicacies like huitlacoche or escamoles can only be fully enjoyed within the borders of Mexico itself. On this 3-hour tasting tour through the Roma neighborhood with a food expert, we’ll learn the stories behind these famous food staples while discovering the hidden culinary treats.

Roma Food Tour in Mexico City

Our expert will lay the foundation of the culinary exploration with a brief explanation of the neighborhood of Roma itself, a close-knit community of entrepreneurial businesses and creative restaurants. Nearby we’ll find our first stop where we will focus on the basis of the Mexican diet: corn. We’ll learn its pre-Colombian history and taste some of the best corn dishes that Mexico City has to offer. From there, we may turn our focus to foods brought by the Spanish in the 1500s, such as pork, dairy, wheat, and almonds, as we taste how these basic ingredients have been adapted through the centuries in the New World.

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Authentic Mexican Food Tour

We’ll then take a pleasant stroll through the neighborhood as we continue our discussion on how Mexico’s history has influenced the food we eat today. Depending on the conversation, the group’s interests and operating hours of the neighborhood venues, we may head to a restaurant specializing in a particular regional dish, or we may prefer a look at the latest food trends with tastings of Mexican fusion. 

After satiating both our minds and bellies with savory stories and dishes, we’ll then conclude our experience on a sweet note of perhaps churros and hot chocolate or ice cream with novel flavors of local fruits. Here our experts will be sure to pass on their best recommendations of must-try restaurants for dining on your own afterward.

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At the conclusion of this tasty adventure, we’ll have reviewed both the origins of Mexican cuisine and lesser-known realms of regional and/or cutting-edge fusion dishes. The Roma food tour will be a fantastic educational and experiential basis from which you may enjoy the rest of your meals in Mexico City.
Are the tastings included?
Yes, you'll notice during checkout, there is a per-person tasting fee. Your guide will take care of all purchasing while on the tour.

I have dietary restrictions, can I take this tour?
Absolutely! Please note any dietary restrictions or preferences in the notes section during checkout and we will pass this information to the experts to make sure they take your needs into consideration.

Is this tour accessible if I have mobility concerns?
Yes, this tour can be adapted for clients with mobility concerns. There should not be more than 10-15 minutes walk between venues, but if you prefer, your expert could call an Uber between venues, though the cost would be your responsibility. 
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Excellent tour through Roma. Rachel was very knowledgeable and great with our two kids (13 and 10). She adapted to the tastes and desires of the family. A wonderful experience!
Context always delivers! Great tour, great food.
The food was delicious and the stories behind what we were eating were really interesting. We’d go again tomorrow. In addition to food we had a very nice walk with a wonderful person.