Mexico City Architecture Tour: Roma and Condesa

From mansions to markets, learn about modern Mexico in iconic neighborhoods
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3 hours
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  • Condesa Neighborhood
  • Parque Mexico
  • Roma Neighborhood
  • Roma Market
Photos & Highlights
  • Immerse yourself in the legacy of architectural giants Barragan, Buenrostro, and Serrano, and learn how their visionary designs have left an indelible mark.
  • Discover the architectural wonders of Mexico City, showcasing how innovative design and urban development have shaped the city's awe-inspiring skyline.
Tour Description
This three-hour journey through Condesa and Roma offers you a unique opportunity to connect with the city's vibrant history and contemporary culture. As you walk through these contrasting neighborhoods, you'll not only see striking architectural masterpieces but also understand their stories and the larger narrative of Mexico City's evolution. It's an immersive experience that brings to life the city's fight for identity, its artistic triumphs, and its resilient spirit in the face of adversity. 

Your adventure begins in Condesa. Here, in one of the city's early twentieth-century expansions, you'll witness the nationalistic Art Deco buildings that emerged as Mexico sought its identity on the global stage. Your expert guide will point out iconic structures by Francisco J. Serrano and Ernesto Buenrostro, dating back to the 1930s and '40s, including the outdoor theatre named for Charles Lindbergh's historic 1927 visit. You'll get a glimpse of an early Barragan home, comparing it to his later, more famous works. As you explore, learn about the area's evolution during the Golden Age of Mexican cinema and the transformative impact of recent earthquakes.

Next, you'll transition from the upscale Condesa to its edgier, hipster counterpart, Roma. Known for its French Art Nouveau architecture, Roma has recently risen to prominence, fueled by a surge of creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Here, you'll pause at the gourmet Roma Market for a refreshing beverage and delve into discussions about the political, economic, and lifestyle trends shaping modern Mexico City. 

Your guide will lead you to key spots along Alvaro Obregon, and if time allows, to La Romita, the oldest part of Roma. This unique neighborhood, once an indigenous settlement with a 16th-century church, is now a vibrant hub of street art. As your tour concludes, you'll reflect on the nature of gentrification and sustainable growth in Mexico City, witnessing firsthand its cultural renaissance and dynamic transformation.

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Where does this walking tour end? 
This walk typically ends in the Roma neighborhood. Your expert can point you in the right direction of your next destination.

Are there any changes to the tour during inclement weather?
The essence of the tour remains the same, but we might adjust the route slightly to spend less time in open areas during heavy rain.

Should I wear specific shoes for the tour?
Comfortable walking shoes are strongly advised, regardless of the weather. Our tour involves a fair amount of walking, and we want to ensure you're comfortable throughout.

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Fabulous architecture tour with experienced tour guide Julio. Thank you!
We had a great walk through Roma Norte and condessa. She was very knowledgeable and personable. And she recommended a great taco place!
Rosalba is very knowledgeable and went beyond to make sure we are having a good experience.