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About David
David was born in Bogotá, and has been living in Mexico City since 2013. His expertise revolves around the topics of cultural heritage, sound and social impact. Since 2005, he has been involved in the artistic and cultural field as museum educator, curator, researcher and licensed tour guide. David holds a degree in psychology from the National University of Colombia and a Master's Degree in Museum Studies from ENCRYM in Mexico. As a professor, he has taught at the National School of Anthropology in México, Universidad Externado de Colombia, and been a guest lecturer at Pratt Institute in New York since 2020, where he teaches a seminar on History and Culture of Mexico City and a course on Decolonizing Historical Preservation in Mexico City. David is also a record collector, music selector (AKA Solano Patiño,) researcher of Afro Caribbean Music, and radio host. As a DJ, he hosts a party called Champetapunk, based in Mexico city.
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