In the Footsteps of Van Gogh: An Arles Audio Guide

Enter the artist's inner world and see the sites that inspired his masterpieces
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  • Roman Theatre of Arles
  • Arles Amphitheatre
  • various Van Gogh painting sites
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Start: Bust of Van Gogh
Starry Night over the Rhône
Café Van Gogh
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  • Take your time as you take in the gorgeous scenery that inspired Van Gogh on your own schedule 
  • Hit play together and stroll the city or wander solo, but always with an expert in your ear as your personal guide

Van Gogh had a rocky start as an art dealer at age 16, but he didn't just throw in the towel. He picked up a paintbrush and scribbled his way into history. On this audio guide 
walking tour with art historian and Context Travel expert, Pamela Morton, you'll explore the sites around Arles that inspired some of his best-known artworks, and find out what motivated him and what led to his deteriorating mental state.  

Starting in front of the bust of Van Gogh in Jardin d‘été (Summer Garden), you'll dive into the vibrant world of Van Gogh – a tale of resilience, passion, and a stroke of artistic genius! Following in his footsteps, you'll see the cafés, parks, bridges, and riverside views that he painted as he made his rounds through the city to places like Pont de Trinquetaille (Tranquility Bridge) and a café now called Cafe Van Gogh. You'll encounter the local folks who colored his world, from innkeepers to doctors, getting a backstage pass into the artist's inner world. Along the way, you'll hear about his artistic concerns, his plans for the future, his hopes and fears, and learn about the key relationships he had with his brother Theo and his fellow artist and roommate, Paul Gauguin. You'll follow part of the river where Van Gogh painted his Starry Night over the Rhône before making your way through Place de la République, a public square. Our audio guide tour ends at L'espace Van Gogh, the medical facility where Van Gogh chopped his ear off and, today, a cultural center. 

On this self-paced audio guide tour through Arles, you'll:
  • Discover how Caesar turned Arles into a mini Rome, complete with both a theater, the Roman Theatre of Arles, and an amphitheater, Arenes d'Arles 
  • Gain an understanding of how Van Gogh helped to redefine art by using abstract forms and exaggerated colors
  • See and hear about some of his most renowned works including The Bedroom, Starry Night over the Rhône, Café Terrace at Night, and his Sunflowers series 
  • Hear about how the artist thrived in Provenance thanks to its brilliant light, saturated color, traditional countryside and local costumes 
  • Discover Daumier, Roulin and Millet‘s influence on Van Gogh's work, as he drew inspiration from contemporary literature and art
  • Pass by the former location of the Yellow House on Place Lamartine, Van Gogh's old residence
  • Listen as the story of Van Gogh's self-mutilation unfolds, and find out how putting his heart and soul into his work made him lose his mind
  • Learn about Van Gogh's childhood, upbringing, and unsuccessful love life
  • Figure out what the artist despised about the Saint Trophime Primatial Catholic Church

By the end of this 75-minute audio guide tour, you'll have a better understanding of how the post-Impressionist master churned out over 200 paintings and 200 drawings in just 10 years. Van Gogh didn't just paint, he left a legacy that continues to spark inspiration and ignite passion in the hearts of art lovers worldwide. Get ready to be enchanted by the colors, captivated by the stories, and enlightened by the magic of Van Gogh's world! 

Meet Your Expert

Originally from the US, Pamela has lived in France (Aix-en-Provence and Marseille) for 25 years. Pamela teaches studio art and art history for American university programs in Aix. She trained in art restoration in Italy and has a background in museum work as a curatorial assistant and program director. She is also an artist working in mixed media -- drawing and painting. She attended Bennington College and California College of the Arts. She's worked as the on-site director for a study abroad program and for educational programs including the Smithsonian, Alumni International and Cultural Experiences Abroad. She's taught for Northwestern University, Oberlin College, and the Marchutz School of Art (Aix). As an art historian, Pamela is endlessly fascinated by the local culture, the archaeology, history, and architecture of the region as well as its monuments and museums. As a painter, she is intrigued by the light and colors of this southern realm, the Midi, where so many artists lived and worked. Her two favorite artists from Provence are Cézanne and van Gogh.

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