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Athens Food Tour with Varvakios Agora Market

Savor the flavors of Greece with a culinary expert
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3 hours
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  • Psyri Neighborhood
  • Varvakios Market
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  • Traces the development and character of Athenian cooking from farm to fork
  • Led by a culinary expert
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While it may not be well-represented outside of Greece, Greek cuisine goes well beyond feta cheese, olives, and other common favorites. On this Athens Food Tour we'll join a local chef to explore local markets and specialty food stores, delving into the varied, nuanced, and often highly localized world of Greek food. Along the way we'll sample local wine, taste thick honey with full-fat Greek yogurt, and try oily olives and anise-flavored ouzo. Are you hungry?

Athens Food Tour

Food culture in Athens revolves around the central market, the Varvakios Agora. Here, nut vendors vie with butchers and fishmongers in a heady, excited atmosphere for the attention of passersby. On the surrounding streets specialists in honey, cheese, and fresh-baked pastries offer a fantastic array of foodstuffs that demonstrate the intricacies of Greek cuisine.

Tasting Greece

After a cup of rich Greek coffee paired with sticky-sweet treats, we’ll stroll the area surrounding the market. We’ll visit several bakeries to discuss the centrality of grains in the Greek diet, explore the seasonal offerings at the vegetable market, and wind down a street devoted to cheese and spices. Here, we’ll sample a wide variety of Greek cheeses, taking care to break down the stereotype that Greek food—and specifically, Greek cheese—is one-dimensional.

Traditional Merchants

Depending on the day, we’ll also take time to visit a number of different merchants, many of whom specialize in one item or another. Examples include the garlic merchant who keeps an ad-hoc seed museum of local edible plants, and the medicinal herb purveyor who carries on the traditions of his ancestors. There will be several opportunities for tasting along the way.

Varvakios Market

Our tour will include a turn into the Varvakios Central Market. Depending on the interests and stomachs of the group, we’ll pass through the lively meat and fish markets where we can discuss the various uses of animals in Greek food, from innards to local seafood. We may also walk through one of the market restaurants to catch a glimpse of local fare in its least manicured state. 

Our walk will wind down at a local Greek tavern, where we will share a rustic lunch with retsina wine. We will emerge from the market and from our time together with a much better appreciation for the nuances, history, and depth of Greek culinary traditions. To explore more about the history of food in Athenian society try our Ancient Agora of Athens Tour.


Can we start the tour later in the day? Some of the markets and vendors that we visit close after lunchtime, so the walk can only proceed in the morning.

Can this walk be tailored to my dietary needs? Yes, but please check in about any dietary restrictions before your walk so we can make arrangements with your expert.

Is this tour kid-friendly? Yes, the walk is kids-friendly. 

Is this tour possible for reduced mobility?
In general, it is but there are some difficulties. Athens, especially the central market area, is not friendly for people with mobility issues. Wheelchair access is very difficult and there are also some steps along the walk.

Is it walking intensive? Not really. We walk for short distances and we sit down a lot. The walking is on flat surfaces with no change in the gradient.
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What an incredible and fabulous morning through Greek history, amazing culinary facts and beautiful streets. Nikitas Patiniotis was a beyond wonderful guide and shared experiences and knowledge that was incredible- I could not have had a more interesting, fascinating & delicious morning. Nikitas relayed facts about food and taught me so much - is is a supreme expert but also such a kind and beautiful person. All the places we visited were like going to your yiayia’s( grandmothers) home and having her specialities to eat & enjoy. This is a truly wonderful tour full of experiences and flavors snd knowledge.
Great tour very knowledgeable and one of the best experiences. Everyone should do this to get to know Greece and Athends
If you want to truly experience the local culture, then a food tour is the way to go. Experience the family owned, local places that you could not find on your own. Food knows no boarders. Nikitas was absolutely fabulous….we were not rushed, had a number of different experiences, and actually our lunch was better than other high end restaurants we experienced in Athens. We are re-creating our lunch menu the week we get back home. If you are a foodie, then this is a must!