Athens in a Day Tour with the Acropolis

Visit the essential highlights of Athens in a curated day tour, hosted by a local expert
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7 hours
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  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Plaka Neighborhood
  • Monastiraki Neighborhood
  • Parthenon
  • Agora
Photos & Highlights
  • Witness the grandeur of the Parthenon and other iconic structures within the Acropolis, immersing yourself in the rich history and architectural brilliance of ancient Greece.
  • With a knowledgeable local expert leading the way, your tour through Athens will provide you with a newfound appreciation for this captivating city.
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Tour Description
With nearly 3000 years of fascinating history, Athens is a marvel. Wonder at Ancient Athens on this 7-hour private tour exploring one of the world's oldest cities. We’ve curated an exciting itinerary filled with Athens' celebrated sites, archeology, history, and culture. In the company of a local expert, we’ll tour the city which is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis. We will explore its museum, and continue our tour at Plaka, Monastiraki and the Ancient Agora. This full-day tour is a comprehensive look into ancient Greek history through its archaeology and local culture in Athens. 

We’ll start our adventure into ancient Athens at the Acropolis, an ancient citadel with a rich history as home to kings and mythical gods. With wonderful views over the city below, our morning will be well spent exploring the main Acropolis buildings, such as the Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Propylaea, and the Erechtheion. You’ll learn the fascinating history of ancient Greece through its famous archaeology first-hand from your local expert. 
Next, we will continue our trip back through time at the Acropolis Museum discussing some of its ancient treasures together. We’ll walk through the narrow streets of Plaka, a picturesque neighborhood filled with charming narrow labyrinthine cobblestone streets lined with tiny shops. We may stop here for a local lunch and use this time to talk about the delicious local gastronomy and Greek traditions. Continuing our explorations, we will make our way to Monastiraki, the lively neighborhood home to the ancient Agora. We will use the ruins here to explore and understand what daily life was like for Athenians in the ancient city, who would gather here to discuss events of the day, politics, religion, philosophy, and legal matters. If time allows, we can stroll through the Varvakios Market, named after one of Greece's national heroes, where we will see a hub of activity and have a chance to buy some tasty treats. 
We will finish the tour with a greater understanding of this mesmerizing Greek capital. We’ll have ventured from ancient ruins to buzzing centers, to colorful markets. You’ll leave your expert filled with fascinating sites, delicious foods, and in-depth knowledge of ancient Greek history in Athens.
  • Acropolis Museum – An extraordinary museum in Athens, Greece, displaying a remarkable collection of artifacts from the Acropolis archaeological sites, providing deeper insights into ancient Greek history and culture.
  • Acropolis Archaeological Complex – A historical citadel in Athens, Greece, home to iconic structures such as the Parthenon, Propylaea, Erechtheion, and Temple of Athena Nike, representing the pinnacle of ancient Greek architecture and art.
  • Parthenon – The awe-inspiring temple within the Acropolis, dedicated to the goddess Athena, characterized by its magnificent Doric columns and intricate sculptural friezes, considered a masterpiece of classical Greek architecture.
  • Ancient Agora – Once the heart of ancient Athens, the Agora is an archaeological site hosting various ruins and structures, including the Temple of Hephaestus and Stoa of Attalos, serving as the city's social, political, and commercial center.
  • Monastiraki Neighborhood – A vibrant district in Athens, Greece, renowned for its bustling flea market, traditional tavernas, and a blend of old-world charm and contemporary energy, popular with both locals and tourists alike.
  • Plaka Neighborhood – A picturesque neighborhood nestled at the base of the Acropolis in Athens, known for its narrow streets, neoclassical architecture, charming boutiques, and inviting cafes, offering a delightful glimpse into the city's history and culture.
Admission Tickets
Your tour cost includes 
  • Tickets to the Acropolis
  • Tickets to the Acropolis Museum
  • Headsets 
Our skip-the-line tickets will get us to a special lane where our group will have to stand line due to security and crowd control measures.

What is included? Will there be any costs to cover on the day?
Your entrance fees for the Acropolis and Acropolis museum and a local snack/refreshment are included. You will be expected to cover the cost of your lunch and any additional refreshments. Agora tickets are currently only available onsite, therefore you must pay these at the entrance to the Ancient Agora.

Additional Trip-Planning Resources
For more information on planning your travels, take a read through our How to Visit the Acropolis Stories post.
If you are looking to learn more about Athens prior to a visit, check out our online lectures at Context Learning.
For more information about Context tours, please visit our FAQ page.

Where do we meet? Where does the tour end? 
We meet opposite the Acropolis museum and we usually end in the Monastiraki neighborhood. Your confirmation email will have the exact meeting point details along with a map.

What happens if it’s raining? 
Our tours happen rain or shine. Our guides are great at adapting their route during changes of weather. Please bring an umbrella. 

I would like to start at a different time. Is this possible? 
We begin early to avoid more crowded times and hot weather at the Acropolis. For this reason, we advise an early start time.
  • Wheelchair accessibility
    • The Acropolis and the Ancient Greek Agora are wheelchair-friendly. 
    • However, private transportation would be imperative for a tour like this, since it will be extremely difficult for a wheelchair user to get around in the city. 
    • Please contact us to discuss in more detail your mobility concerns so that we can best advise and arrange a private transfer.
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This tour was wonderful. Our guide Yiouli was incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the history of Athens and its ancient wonders. Highly recommended.
Mara was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Her English was perfect and easy to understand. We had a good time on a VERY hot day! Thanks, Mara.
Lena was AMAZING! She was so knowledgeable. She anticipated our needs perfectly and was super fun and kind.