Full-Day Delphi Day Trip from Athens

Explore the Ancient Greek ruins on a tour hosted by an archaeology insider
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10 hours
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  • Delphi Archeological Museum
  • Delphi Stadium
  • The Temple of Apollo
  • The Treasury of Siphnos
  • The Sphinx of Naxos
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  • Dive deep into the heart of Greek history, as you connect with the enduring myths and the vibrant culture that once flourished here.
  • Hosted by archaeologists and historians who bring an unmatched depth of knowledge to your tour. Their insights transform your visit into an immersive journey through time.
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Tour Description
Embark on a Delphi Excursion that offers more than just a walking tour; it promises an immersion into the heart of Ancient Greece. Departing from the hustle of Athens, you'll be whisked away in a private car, exclusively for your group, to the legendary slopes of Mount Parnassus. En route, the breathtaking Greek landscape unfolds around you, setting the scene for a day of discovery.

At Delphi, the spiritual center of the ancient world, you'll trace the steps of historical figures who once sought guidance from the revered oracles. With a knowledgeable archaeologist or local historian as your guide, the ancient stories of Apollo's triumphs and the mystical Python come alive. Each narrative is a thread in the rich tapestry of history that envelops the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the Treasury of Siphnos, the enigmatic Sphinx of Naxos, and the ancient stadium where the Pythian Games were celebrated.

This journey is designed to deepen your connection to the past, intertwining the visual splendor of the ruins with the enduring myths and the vibrant daily life of the Greeks who lived in Delphi. As your day culminates, the return to Athens offers a period of reflection on the profound cultural legacy you've encountered, leaving you with a lasting appreciation that extends far beyond the visual memories.

Here’s How It Works: 

  1. We'll pick you up right from where you're staying in Athens. Your friendly guide and driver will be there to greet you and start the day on a bright note.
  2. Settle in for a scenic 2.5-hour drive. It's the perfect time to gaze out at the Greek landscape and feel the anticipation of the day ahead.
  3. Once we arrive at Delphi, your guide will lead you through the Archaeological complex, sharing stories and insights that bring the ancient artifacts to life.
  4. We've planned time for a relaxing lunch break for you to refuel and chat about the day's adventures before we head back to the city.
  5. You can sit back and enjoy the return trip to your Athens home base, reminiscing about your journey and asking your guide any lingering questions. 
  • This is the adventure for you if you're eager to delve into the heart of Ancient Greece's enigmatic past – with the personalized attention of a private guide, who transforms a simple visit into an immersive historical journey.
  • Delphi Archaeological Museum: A portal to the past, brimming with ancient treasures and artifacts that shed light on the mystique of bygone civilizations.
  • Delphi Stadium: A historic racetrack that echoes the feats of ancient athletes who once competed for glory under the gods' vigilant gaze.
  • The Temple of Apollo: A haunting site of ancient prophecy and power, resonating with the ethereal whispers of oracles from a distant age.
  • The Treasury of Siphnos: An architectural marvel, reflecting the opulence and artistry of the Greeks, with its intricate details and commanding presence.
  • The Sphinx of Naxos: A majestic guardian of Delphi's secrets, embodying mystery and wisdom.
  • Tickets
    • Please note, that this tour does not include advance tickets; you will purchase tickets to the Archaeological site in person with the assistance of our guide. 
  • Transport 
    • This excursion takes approximately 10 hours, including 2.5 hours of travel from Athens to Delphi and another 2.5 hours for the return journey. 
    • Your comfort is our priority; thus, a private car service is included, offering a convenient round-trip directly from your accommodation in Athens. 
    • You must provide your hotel or apartment address in the 'Additional Details' box when adding the tour to your shopping cart.
  • Lunch
    • Your exploration of Delphi includes a pause for refreshment with a coffee break upon arrival and a lunch break before the return trip to Athens. 
    • These meals are not covered in the tour price and are at your own expense.
  • Resources
Approximate Distance:
  • The tour involves a significant amount of walking as you explore the ancient grounds. 
  • Please communicate with your guide throughout the day, if you need to pause or rest. 
Rest Breaks:
  • Scheduled breaks are included in the tour to use bathroom facilities and allow for moments of rest or to enjoy a snack.  
Wheelchair Accessibility:
  • The Delphi Archaeological Museum has been renovated, allowing everyone to more easily enjoy its vast collection. 
  • However, the archaeological area presents challenges due to its location on a hillside with steep paths and its ancient construction. It is not wheelchair accessible.
  • Please send us an email if you have any questions or concerns to address before booking. 
Service Dogs:
  • Service dogs are permitted in the venue if you can provide a medical certificate that verifies the need for assistance.
  • Please let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements with our car service provider. 
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Can this excursion be shortened?
No, the duration of this tour is fixed at 10 hours and cannot be shortened. The drive to Delphi is part of the adventure, spanning approximately 2.5 hours, allowing you to immerse yourself in the stunning Greek landscapes. Once in Delphi, you will have around 3.5 hours to explore the awe-inspiring Archaeological Site, steeped in history and myth. Before the return trip to Athens, you'll enjoy a leisurely lunch break to reflect on the day’s discoveries and recharge for the journey ahead. 

What happens if it rains during the tour?
The site remains open regardless of weather conditions. We recommend dressing accordingly and wearing comfortable shoes to accommodate for walking and the elements.

How should parents with small children prepare for the tour?
Families are welcome! If you're bringing small children, please inform us so we can provide a guide who is adept at engaging young minds. Be aware that certain areas may not be stroller-friendly due to stairs and uneven terrain.
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We were so fortunate to spend the day touring Delphi with Popi! She is so knowledgable, so passionate, and so incredibly kind! My family consists of a retired English professor, a fifth-grade teacher and a seventeen-year old rising high-school senior. Popi engaged with all three of us equally, and we were all hanging on her every word the whole day! It was a complete joy and privilege to spend the day touring with Popi! And we were so fortunate to spend another day with Popi when she was also our guide for the Temple of Poseidon excursion! It was like reconnecting with an old friend when she arrived to pick us up! And afterward, to our surprise, she left us a gift of her beautiful children's book at our hotel. Popi is a truly special person, and we we learned so much from her!
Anastasia was an absolutely amazing guide. She was extremely knowledgeable about not only Delphi, but about Greek history and culture across the board. Even though our knowledge was limited, she was able to communicate information to us in a way in which we could understand and learn. Our experience was delightful and educational. Highly recommend!
Panos is a great tour guide. He’s so knowledgeable and helpful