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Florence Medici Tour: Portrait of a Family

The Medici dynasty revealed: Explore Florentine history with an expert
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About the Tour
3.5 hours
Photos & Highlights
  • See Florence through the eyes of the Medici family and their thematic, in-depth experiences
  • Led by an expert art or social historian
  • Museum of San Marco, Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, Medici Chapels, and Magi Chapel
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194 Reviews (4.75)

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Our guide was very nice but it was difficult to make sense of the information she gave us. There was little structure to the Medici story or context for the buildings we entered. I’m sure our 19 and 17 year old children were lost and bored because I was much of the time. There was too much standing around talking without looking at something. Her facts seemed to skip around rather than telling a clear story
This was easily one of our favorite tours we did in Florence. We knew going into our trip that the Medici were extremely prominent in Florence's history, but we were totally unprepared for just how much. Siro was a really wonderful guide. He was so knowledgeable and passionate for the history of Florence. But what really made him stand out was how well he was able to tie everything together and connect a lot of dots for us, and from multiple perspectives too. You learn a lot on this tour. You start with a nice overview (and family tree, which my wife and I greatly appreciated) but really dive into the key aspects of the family throughout multiple generations as the tour progresses. I very much recommend this tour with Siro as your guide! You can't go to Florence without learning about the Medici.
Just the right length of time. Great content. It is hard to sort out the Medici's since so many have the same name- a family tree linked to where we visited would have helped. One other thing- I have been on several Context Tours. I never know whether tipping is the custom or not. Guidance, when we sign up, would be good.