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Tower of London Tour

Survey the stories behind the beheadings, Beefeaters, and Crown Jewels in London's famous tower
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3 hours
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Tower of London
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  • Explore the Tower of London in the company of an expert on British history
  • Includes tickets to the Tower of London
Tour Description
This three-hour Tower of London tour, led by an expert historian, uses the Tower as a backdrop for understanding and discussing British history and culture. Together, we'll unpack the many roles the Tower has played in its nearly 1,000-year history. From the strategic outpost of William the Conqueror to a prison and execution site that witnessed the beheading of two of Henry VIII's wives, we will leave with a deeper understanding of the Tower of London's role in British history.

Please note: Due to venue rules, we are currently unable to guide inside some areas of the Tower of London site, including the White Tower, the Jewel House and the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula. This rule is in place until further notice. We are still able to guide in the other areas of the Tower of London site and you will be able to visit guiding-restricted areas independently. Your expert guide will provide all the information needed to fully appreciate these parts of the Tower.

Sites Visited

  • Tower of London


  • 3 hours with a PhD or MA-level guide
  • Tickets into the Tower of London
    • Please Note: Our team will pre-purchase timed admission tickets on behalf of your party. However, there will be a mandatory security line that we must wait in together. 

Itinerary Details

Our tour begins outside the tower and considers the oldest part of the structure, which was built by William the Conqueror in the 1070s. Upon entering, we’ll discuss the architectural developments of the Tower of London as a castle and a royal residence. At the execution site, we will remember those who were executed and imprisoned here and explore why private rather than public executions were chosen. We’ll also discuss famous prisoners like Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up Parliament in 1605 and look at examples of torture instruments from the past. We may also see the Yeoman Warders, also known as the Beefeaters, who are the ceremonial guardians of the Tower; the legendary ravens that have been at the tower for over 300 years; and the Crown Jewels, used in the coronation ceremony of each new monarch, which symbolize the divine right of monarchs. We’ll explore all this in relation to the Victorians and the many narratives they constructed about the tower.

Then, depending on your preference, we may enter the White Tower, the oldest part of the Tower of London, and explore the state-of-the-art Norman fortress and royal palace. Alternatively, we can explore the many other towers, perhaps seeing the graffiti carved into the walls by prisoners in the Bloody Tower, where two young princes were said to have been murdered in 1483.

For help in planning your trip, please see our guide on how to tour the Tower of London.

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Where do we meet? Where does the tour end?
The tour meets near the Tower, in an easy-to-find location away from the crowds. Your confirmation email will have the exact meeting point details along with a map. The walking tour ends within the Tower grounds.

When is the best time of day to visit the Tower of London?
We generally recommend visiting the Tower of London in the morning as this is when the Tower tends to be quieter. During the summer, there can be very long queues for the Jewel House in particular, which may make it difficult to get in before closing.

Is the Tower of London wheelchair accessible?
Whilst the Tower welcomes all visitors, this historic building has places with difficult stairs and passageways and wheelchair access is limited. There are also a large number of steps throughout the Tower with cobbles laid on some of the roads. However, the Jewel House and the Crown Jewels are fully accessible to all visitors. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding accessibility for your tour.

Is this tour good for kids?
Yes! We have some excellent family-friendly guides who can appeal to the learning styles of children. We have a separate Tower of London for Kids tour just for families with children 12 and under. When booking, feel free to provide us with information about your children such as favorite school subjects, and hobbies.

Will we get to talk to the Beefeaters on this tour?
You may see the Beefeaters at work while you're at the Tower, but we usually won't be able to interact with them on the tour.
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Wonderful tour of the Tower of London, personalized and with the perfect amount of detail.
Seeing the Tower of London with a guide makes all the difference in having a truly immersive experience.
Fiona was personable, knowledgeable and shared many unique aspects of the history while touring the Tower of London.

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