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Teotihuacan Day Excursion: City of Gods

Discover the secrets of past cultures among towering pyramids
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8 hours
Mexico City
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  • Uncover the secrets and embrace the history of this former metropolis as you explore three majestic pyramids
  • Led by an archaeology or history expert
  • Teotihuacan Pyramids and Acolman Monastery
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34 Reviews (4.98)

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We appreciate that we had the same driver during our entire ciait to Mexico City. Jorge was friendly, knowledgeable and personable.
Our day began early from our hotel in the center of the city to get a head start on the crowds at Teotihuacan. The ride was pleasant and we got to know our guide Alejandro along the way. As this was our first trip to Mexico City and first time riding out of town I had questions about what we were seeing along the way. Alejandro (Alex) was happy to answer any questions and made us feel comfortable immediately. We arrived in good time to the first pyramid and began our day’s long journey through this impressive city. The morning was actually cold so I’d advise a light jacket at least for the first part of the morning. You can leave the jacket in the car once it heats up later on. The first stop (Feathered Serpent) was impressive enough but little did I know that more and more astounding architectural delights were to come. Alex’s passion for the subject was always apparent and he was easy to understand and paced the walk through the city well. His use of visual guides with books, maps or printouts to illustrate a mural helped very much. He would use photos or illustrations in a book to allow us better insight into what we were looking at. Pointing out faces, animals or explaining a pictograph on the wall. It helped so much. The pyramids themselves are so very amazing. Climbing them is a must if you can manage it. The funny thing was I found the climb up easier than the climb down. If you have a fear of heights you might not want to make the trek. If you only choose to climb one pyramid (not counting the Feathered Serpent pyramid which was our first stop in the morning and ‘small’ compared to the Moon and Sun pyramids) I’d recommend the Moon pyramid. It’s smaller than the Sun pyramid and affords a great view of the entire city including the Sun pyramid. As we strolled along the avenue between the pyramids Alex filled us with so much information. Tales of how the ancient society began and functioned flowed from his lips happily; he really knew the subject and loved sharing that knowledge. The day was filled with fun and exciting views and as the day progressed you could really get a sense (with Alex’s narration) of how important this city was and is. As we exited the city we began talking about lunch and mentioned we still had not eaten carnitas since arriving in México City a few days earlier. Our driver (sorry I have forgotten his name) heard our plight and made a phone call to friends who have a restaurant just outside Teotihuacan. To our delight the carnitas had just arrived and we sat down with Alex to enjoy some carnitas and queso fundito and, of course, guacamole. It was a great finish to a wonderful day. The depth of knowledge Alex displayed, his passion in delivering it and friendly and professional way made this one of our favorite context tours. Thank you. It was a wonderful experience.
Everything was so well done for this tour! Jorge and our driver arrived right on time at our hotel and we arrived to Teotihuacan before many of the other visitors. Jorge shared his personal Teotihuacan archeological experience which only added to this unique and not-to-be missed site!

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