Cézanne's Aix-en-Provence Tour

Visit the atelier and sites that inspired Cézanne's paintings
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3 hours
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  • Musée Granet
  • Atelier Cézanne
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  • Explore the life of Paul Cézanne in Aix-en-Provence
  • Led by an art historian
Tour Description
Born in Aix-en-Provence, Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) was a French Post-Impressionist painter whose oeuvre, more so than any other artist, came to lay the foundations for the radical artistic movements of the early 20th century. And though he first earned recognition in Paris, it was Aix—the place of his birth and death—that inspired his most significant work. Our three-hour walking tour, led by an art historian guide, explores the life and work of Cézanne in Aix, the city in which he was raised, and strives to understand how it was instrumental in shaping his legacy.

"Very enthusiastic and knowledgable about Cézanne. Can tell {our guide} loves her subject and teaching."

Cézanne in Provence

We’ll begin our walk at the site of Cézanne’s father’s hat shop, where we’ll introduce his family background, early life, and the circumstances surrounding his interest in pursuing painting. From here we’ll stroll through the city, visiting various sites associated with his life, in particular the museum in which he first studied, whose collection was essential to his formation as an artist, and which, incidentally, only recently secured a trove of his work. Our walk will also contextualize Cézanne’s relationship with the writer Émile Zola, another celebrated Aix resident, and Cézanne’s boyhood friend.

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Cézanne's Twilight Years

We’ll then make our way to the atelier and gardens Cézanne acquired in his twilight years. Located in what was the outskirts of town and intact with objects he featured in his still-lifes, the atelier provided an isolated place of creation and is an ideal place from which to talk about the mature Cézanne’s creative process and its evolution over his lifetime.

Take Aways

We’ll end our time together with a view of one of Cézanne’s most-represented subjects, the Montagne Sainte-Victoire (Sainte-Victoire mountain), which towers over Aix-en-Provence and was a source of inspiration for a roster of artists, including Pablo Picasso. Here our discussion will move to Cézanne’s greater influence on art, in particular on Picasso and the development of Cubism, allowing us to understand why it is he is so often called “the father of modern art.”


Is this tour walking intensive and/or wheelchair accessible?
We do cover extensive territory on this tour, some of it by public transport. Musée Granet is accessible to wheelchair users, however, Atélier Cézanne is not. Please contact us if you have mobility concerns; we will be happy to advise if this tour will be appropriate for you, and are also happy to discuss possible adjustments for clients with mobility concerns.

Are tickets included? We will pre-purchase your entry tickets to the Atelier Cézanne and the Musée Granet which your guide will bring on the day. 
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Very organized with your prep emails and information. Jeremie taught us a great deal about the world of Cezanne, before, during and after his lifetime. I found his explanation of Cezanne's artistic development (while showing us the minimal pieces at the Musee Granet) very interesting. Also really enjoyed the walk through the town, and Cezanne's atelier. Fascinating stuff. Thanks!
Everything was perfect. Pamela was amazing- brought cezanne , aix and his life and relationships to life for us. I wish we were coming back next month to spend more amazing time with her. I am definitely reconsidering future trips and how we reconnect sooner rather than later. Veronica
Everything right, nothing wrong. A lively, warm engaging guide and interesting subject.