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Capitoline Museums Tour for Kids

Explore ancient treasures with a family guide
$435 and up
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3 hours
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  • Uses art as a medium to explore the life and beliefs of Ancient Romans through interactive, family-friendly activities
  • Led by a local historian or expert trained to work with children
  • Capitoline Museums, The Fortune Teller, Romulus and Remus, and The Burial of St. Petronilla
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16 Reviews (4.85)

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Once again, Liz did not disappoint. She conducted an amazing tour. Her ability to weave in interesting stories and myths kept us all interested and helped us to assimilate the information more easily. I was amazed at how much my children learned. They kept recounting stories and recognizing statues that Liz relayed to us throughout the remainder of the trip. Liz was outstanding!
Lauren , our #2 choice (vide infra) transmitted her passion for the subject and did a remarkable job of conveying her scholarship to a 10 year old. We will always remember the 15 minutes we spent "dissecting" the wounded warrior sculpture. She brought art to life and provide such an extraordinary understanding and appreciation of the advance culture of our Roman ancestors.
This was second time Aili & I did this tour. This time, however, we focused on hairstyles in ancient Rome. We mostly looked at statues. It was fantastic! We learned so much about the Roman ideal of manhood vs the Greek, how women's hairstyles changed through different periods and also reflected social caste, etc. For last part of tour, Linda gave us a short visual arts lesson and we did sketches/water colors of some of the sculptures. So, so great.