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Rome Briefing: Coffee and Stroll with a Local Expert

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Hilary was wonderful. She understood that I was quite jet lagged and tired so, we move around at a pace that I was comfortable with. Hilary had so much understanding and knowledge of the area. Thank you!
Paolo is charming and knowledgeable. At the end of the tour, we felt entertained and informed. But Paolo rarely solicited our interests. We learned a great deal about HIS Rome. When we expressed interest in walking to the River, he took us on a longer route to a part of the river that he wanted us to see. He may have been correct, but we did not feel that the tour was customized to us.
Dony was amazing! He was incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Rome and kept us moving to see and hear as much about the city as he could tell us in 2 hours. A funny note is that I'm not sure if he knew that this was a coffee tour. We flew in on the morning of the tour and were so excited to get some caffeine in our system. Dony met us at our hotel front desk and proceeded to take us on the most thorough and interesting tour that I've been on in years. We loved everything but were wondering when the coffee would come in, but didn't want to interrupt the rhythm of the tour. The best part (and what we laughed about all week) was when we went by a coffee shop and he said "This is the best coffee in Rome, go by if you get a chance!" and then we proceeded to the Pantheon. This is in no way a criticism, but I have to admit that I was the butt of many a joke all week for my faux coffee tour.