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A deep look at the history of the Venetian Republic
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3 hours
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  • Doge's Palace
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Grand Council Hall
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  • Explores the history of Venetian power through art and architecture
  • Led by a local historian
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For a thousand years, the Doges ruled Venice. An elected official who held office for life but could not pass the title down to his heirs, the role of the Doge is a crucial piece of the Venetian puzzle. During this three-hour Doge's Palace tour, we'll join a local historian for an in-depth look at the figure of the Doge, the complex and unique nature of the Venetian Republic's political system, and visit one of the most iconic buildings in St. Mark's Square—Doge's Palace.

Doge's Palace Tour

For over a thousand years the Doge of Venice ruled over the Republic of Venice—often referred to as the Serenissima. We will begin our time together with a discussion of the role and the overall political structure of Venice from the medieval period until Napoleon took the reins of the city in the 18th century. Our Doge's Palace tour will take us into the first rooms of Doge's Palace where we will look at the economic underpinnings of Venetian power and the role that various Doges played in commerce and trade—especially with eastern empires.

Art for the Serenissima

During our Doge's Palace tour, we will have the opportunity to discuss how the building itself, including major architectural and decorative components were used to reflect the power of the government. A palace that constantly changed throughout the centuries, both due to fires and changing tastes, the structure contains works by top artists of the Renaissance period, such as Tintoretto and Veronese, whose works both grace the Grand Council Hall.

Take Aways

The Ducal Palace is a key component to understanding the history of the Venetian Republic and the political mechanisms that allowed it to function. Our Doge's Palace tour will allow us to come away with a strong knowledge of the basics of Venice's system of government with all its complexities and intrigue, and create a newfound understanding of how these systems supported the overall culture of the Serenissima. For more on the opulence of Venetian art, try our Venice Art tour: Titian and Tintoretto, exploring the city's art and culture in the High Renaissance.


What are skip-the-line tickets?
For this tour, your tickets are pre-purchased which allows you to directly enter the security line at the palace without waiting to purchase tickets. You may still have to wait in a security line or in a line to have your pre-purchased ticket scanned.   

Does this tour include the Bridge of Sighs and prison area?
Yes, this tour will include both the Bridge of Sighs and the prison area.

Is it possible to include the "Secret Itineraries" of the Doge's Palace when you're booking this tour in the afternoon or if my group is 7 or more people?
Private Secret Itineraries tickets, which are mandatory for afternoon groups as well as groups of 7 or more - require us to book privately with the venue which has an additional cost of 290 euros or more depending on the size of the group. For this reason, it isn't an explicit offering we have for this tour and would require a special request at the time of booking. If you would like to add the tickets, we can do our best to secure your spot, though it must be between September and June as that is the only time private Secret Itineraries tours are offered at Doge's Palace. Thank you for your understanding!

Do you reserve headsets for this tour? 
Depending on your group size, we may be required by the venue to order headsets in which case you’ll see a “Headset Fee” added to your order. If you would like to guarantee headsets for your tour regardless of your group size, please email us and we’ll be happy to get them reserved for you.
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Silvia was exceptional! We had a private tour of Doge’s Palace with access to all the “secret” rooms. She was engaging for my children, 10 & 11, and was a fantastic story teller that made the depth of Venice history approachable for them. Grazie!
Once again Context Travel delivers an OUTSTANDING exeprience with our visit to the Doge's Palace! Matteo was simply AMAZAING! His knowledge of the history of the palace and each of the rooms we visited brought the palace to life. The secret passages add-on was great and gave us access to parts of the palace that are not available generally available to others. This tour with Context and Matteo might have been the highlight of our entire Italy 2024 trip! I can't recommend Context Travel and their guides enough. You will have an experience of a lifetime!
Roko was great and very patient with us. By this point, my kids were exhausted and he was able to tailor the trip to our specifications and speed it up to the highlights! My kids' especially loved touring the prison. Roko went above and beyond, helping us to book lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on the trip, because he was worried for us with Easter crowds!