About Cristina
Cristina has been a qualified tour guide and lecturer in Venice since 1991. She holds a doctoral degree in contemporary German literature with a thesis on Venice as a motif in collective memory, and majors in history and art history. She worked for the UNESCO Venice Office as a researcher in the field of handicraft and collaborated with the Council of Europe in the frame of the Faro-Convention on the concept of Cultural Heritage as applied to Venice. Cristina is also a writer and has authored books on Venice: Venice Master Artisans (2000; 2003) on the great craftspeople of her city; an essay on the glass master Lucio Bubacco for the artist’s monograph, Eternal Temptation by Dan Klein (2008); a book on the gardens of Venice in 2017 and a guidebook about the places of the Protestant Reformation in Venice in 2018. After winning an award for first-time authors, in 2020 her first novel "L'ultima Testimone" was published by Garzanti Publishing House. Because her first love was literature, she sees herself as a ‘storyteller’. She knows and tells many anecdotes and small stories along with the big History of this legendary city.
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