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Dive into world-class collections featuring legendary Venetian Renaissance painters
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Accademia Gallery Venice
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  • Join our 3-hour Accademia Gallery Tour led by an art historian to explore the world-class collection of Venetian art, including works by Veronese, Titian, Tintoretto, and Giorgione.
  • The tour explores the distinctive character of Venetian art, focusing on the differences between the color and design techniques used by Venetian and Florentine artists during the Renaissance.
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Although Venice boasts a fantastic amount of in-situ artworks, a good number have been removed from their original setting and are now found within the Accademia, Venice's premier art museum. On this three-hour Accademia Gallery tour we'll join a local art historian to dive into this world-class collection, containing works by such masters as Veronese, Titian, Tintoretto, and Giorgione. Along the way, we'll get more background and develop a deeper appreciation for the distinct art scene that popped up in Venice during the Renaissance.

  • Accademia Gallery Tour led by an art historian
  • Includes Accademia Gallery tickets
  • Explores the work of the Venetian masters, such as Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, and Tiepolo

Accademia Gallery Tour

In our exploration of the Accademia Gallery, we'll cover the most important pieces as well as oft-overlooked gems, and explore the distinct character of this wonderful collection, which focuses predominantly on Venetian art, but also includes paintings by Piero della Francesca, Mantegna, Hans Memling, and Cosme’ Tura. Among the masterpieces housed in this museum is the famed drawing by Leonardo, “The Vitruvian Man,” exhibited only on special occasions. 

Color vs. Design 

Together with our guide, an art historian, we will explore highlights of the collection, among which are works by Veronese, Titian, Tintoretto, Giorgione, and Tiepolo, while weaving a narrative on the history and distinctive characters of Venetian art. Historically often compared with and contrasted to the Florentine Renaissance, the Venetians had their own unique style and technique. The former placed particular importance on the disegno, the design, as a means to reproduce nature while using a vivid color palette. The latter, instead, were interested in the process of layering and blending colors, creating wonderful effects of light. 

Take Aways

We will spend considerable time contextualizing these works, in regard to both local history and their place in the canon of art. We will also look at the wider implications of these works in the social and political developments of the time. The goal of this walk is not to race through the corridors in an attempt to see "everything" but, instead, to observe selected works in-depth in order to gain a full appreciation for their significance.

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Is this tour suitable for children? This tour isn’t part of our official family program, however, we can assign a family-friendly guide for family tours. Families may prefer to book our Kids tours, which have been specifically designed to engage younger learners: Venice Tour for Kids: Lion Hunt, Daily Life in Venice Tour for Kids, Doge's Palace Tour for Kids: Galileo in Venice

Is this tour suitable for visitors with mobility issues? The Gallerie dell’Accademia is accessible to mobility-impaired persons via the barrier-free entrance located at the right-hand side of the museum. The premises are equipped with lifts to access the first floor and lifting platforms between halls. 
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Excellent! Andreas was very knowledgeable and interesting! Thank you!
Cristina was wonderful-so knowledgeable, deeply informed and responsive to all questions. Her discussions of paintings were extraordinary.
Sara is an absolutely amazing guide, engaging and passionate about her city. We have taken two walks with her in Venice over two different trips - the first an architecture tour (with the kids in tow), and the second at the Accademia - and each time learned so much. We came away with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what we saw. Very highly recommend!