About Revital
Revital has a BA in Art, Art History, and Psychology from the University of Haifa. She is a licensed tour guide and has received certification from both Israel’s Ministry of Tourism and Israel’s Education Ministry. Revital has been a tour guide since her military service in the Israel Defense Forces, where her position involved guiding educational tours for active service soldiers. She was the Tel Aviv coordinator for a student program jointly run by the Prime Minister’s Office and an Israeli NGO designed to promote international awareness of Israel’s history, culture, and the geopolitical realities faced by the country. Revital has guided a variety of groups from Israel and abroad, including Jewish young leadership programs, VIPs and corporate leaders, Christian pilgrims, families, and high school students. In her tours, she focuses on religion, history, the Arab-Israeli conflict, Zionism, art, cuisine, and modern Israeli culture. In addition to Israel, Revital has guided tours in the Greek islands, Cyprus, and southern Turkey. Born in Israel, Revital has traveled extensively abroad and spent significant time living in the U.S. where she was the owner of an event photography company in Houston TX.
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