Things to Do with Kids

Kids Reading in the Garden

It can be tiring constantly thinking of things to do with kids. Perhaps motivation as to what to do to keep those active learners engaged might be wavering. Or maybe you’re looking to expand your already fantastic repertoire and learn some new tricks. With inspiration from parents at Context, we’ve put together some suggestions for those who might be in need of an idea or two of things to do with kids. 

The Great Outdoors

Kids love being outside where they can run wild and free. Here are some pointers of what to do in the wild:

  • Go for a hike
  • Go for a bike ride
  • Explore creeks and swimming holes - perfect for cooling off when it's hot
  • Exercise with your child to keep in shape and keep them entertained. Context’s CFO finds that a quick 20 minutes with her daughter of jump ropes or sit-ups works a treat!
  • Pop up a paddling pool or a slip-n-slide if you have a backyard or garden so the kids can splash around

Get Creative and Use Your Imagination:

  • Encourage your kids to learn a new language, or do it with them! We’ve got a Context mother/daughter duo doing video Chinese lessons with her daughter
  • Sidewalks and chalk are a wonderful way to release some artistic flair. We found this article on sidewalk chalk art helpful for inspiration
  • Cook with your kids in the kitchen or get them to help you plan a meal together - this can enable discussions about healthy foods and ingredients from local or far-flung locations. Organizations (such as Gold Belly, allow for food-fun while learning. You can order food from a US city and then create a themed day beyond just food (music, history, art) around the location selection. Context kids had fun with Shrimp Jumbo from New Orleans. 
  • Turn a room into a campsite - build an indoor ‘tent’ with sheets and chair


  • Encourage your kids to think of ways to give back - whether that is helping to clean out or donate in some shape or form
  • Walk a neighbor’s dog or borrow a pet so that kids can both help and learn about the responsibilities attached to caring for an animal

New Challenges: 

  • Start conversations with kids about what is happening in your community today and answer honestly
  • Learn a new dance routine with your kid (as cool or silly as this might make you feel)
  • Discover (or rediscover) the art of letter and card writing – write to a friend or relative no matter where they might be

Encourage Reading:

  • Read a book together (you can take turns reading out loud) or read the same book and have a book club discussion with your child every couple of chapter
  • Think about subscriptions - one family of Context kids regularly get ‘Highlights Magazine’ - it has stories, educational games, hidden pictures, and coloring pages. They also have a lot of fun checking the mailbox to see if their magazine arrived!

Getting Digital -  with Educational Content

We know screen time is a tricky one to manage. Like many aspects of parenting, it’s tough to find the right balance.

  • Find channels or shows with educational content, such as the Blippi show, Ask the Storybots, Horrible Histories or Bill Nye the Science Guy

We hope that brings a little more inspiration for things to do with kids and to what you might be doing already as a parent. The ‘fun’ and learning has no boundaries.