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Kyoto Private and Small Group Walking Tours

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With its Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, Japanese gardens, local gastronomic delights, and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Kyoto is the cultural and historical soul of Japan.
A well-preserved and charming city, Kyoto offers a taste of old Japan. It is famously home to more than 2,000 shrines and temples, highlighting the cultural and architectural influence of Japan's two main religions—Shintoism, the country's native spiritual belief, and Buddhism, which was imported from China and Central Asia. The city also features many lush classical gardens, a meditative art form that has helped define the aesthetics of Japan for centuries. Kyoto's scenic Gion District, with its historic housing structures, shrines and temples, and geishas and kabuki, provide a glimpse into Japan's cultural history and traditional daily life. Near Gion is Kyoto's Nishiki Market, where visitors can sample traditional Japanese cuisine, known as washoku, including foods like pickled vegetables, squid and quail eggs, and Japanese tea sweets. Immerse yourself in Kyoto's many delights with Context's private guided tours.

Kyoto Private and Guided Tours

While our private and small group guided tours in Kyoto range from history to cuisine, they remain consistent in our commitment to quality. When you join a Context tour in Kyoto, you will visit Nishiki Market on our Kyoto Food Tour, take a day trip to Nara with a historian, or explore the Gion district with a Buddhist monk. Some other popular tours include our Kyoto Gardens Tour, which features a visit to Ryoanji Temple. For something a little different try our Japanese Tea Ceremony or Kyoto at Night Tour. However you approach it, our private and small group guided tours in Kyoto and expertise combine to help put the vibrant city into Context.
What Context Kyoto Travelers Say
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Marvin was very knowledgeable and gave us excellent background information as well as specific food guidance and explanations
Marc was a wonderful guide. He came prepared with visual aids and took the time to tell a very comprehensive picture with enthusiasm and energy. He was thoughtful and open to questions, and all around excellent. Highly recommend him.
Daniel provided an excellent tour and discussion of Shintoism and Buddhism and their respective shrines and temples. We were a bit of a challenge, because we had already seen a number of shrines and temples and knew the basics. Daniel rose to the challenge and provided insight and information at a deeper level. We are a group that loves to dig on topics, and Daniel provided great insight and history to enrich our understanding.