British Museum Tour for Kids: Crash Course

Discover the museum's many treasures from antiquity
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2 hours
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  • British Museum for kids tour led by an archaeologist or anthropologist
  • Includes hands-on, interactive activities for children
  • British Museum
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Ruth was so knowledgeable and had a gift for keeping attention - my son (5) left chattering about Easter Island, Captain Cook, mummies, and the Rosetta Stone!
I think Lawrence was one of the best guides we ever had. My two daughters left the British Museum repeating to me and the rest of my family everything they had just learned in the tour, even though I was in the tour and also had heard all the information! I never saw them so excited about going to the museum. Lawrence was also really thoughtful by arriving one and a half hours earlier and being the first in the line of the museum so when the museum opened we were the first in and got to see the most croweded rooms without anyone there. The way that he gave the context of the artifacts to us before showing us the art pieces also helped the artifact be more significant and interesting. My daughters also loved how he quizzed them throught the tour tour because it helped them remember the information. My daughters and I
Overall a great tour.