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Tower of London Tour For Kids

Experience the hidden gems and vibrant history with your family, led by a local expert
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2.5 hours
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Tower of London
Photos & Highlights
  • Hosted by an expert guide who brings history to life, captivating young minds.
  • This is more than a tour; it's a transformative journey through time, creating lasting memories for your family.
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Tour Description
Envision you and your family stepping back in time where the Tower of London becomes a living storybook, each stone whispering centuries-old tales. As you are led through the ancient corridors, your children's eyes widen with wonder, bridging the gap between history and imagination. Why are there ravens living here? Is the tower haunted? Their minds buzz with questions, a sense of adventure already building. 

Your tour experience begins with stories of the Tower's construction, its strategic location along the River Thames, and its evolution from royal residence to infamous prison. As you delve deeper into the Tower's history, you encounter tales of royalty – kings and queens who walked these very halls. The Crown Jewels, a dazzling display of opulence, glimmer under the dim lights. But it's not all glitter and gold; the Tower has a darker side, with tales of famous executions that once took place within these walls. 

As the journey concludes, your family emerges from the Tower enriched with knowledge and unforgettable memories. Your kids will chatter excitedly about the characters they've met and the stories they've heard. They've not only learned about British history, they've experienced new myths and legends which will captivate their imaginations for years to come. 
You're seeking to: 
  • Spark a Love for History in Young Minds: This tour is perfect for parents wanting to instill a passion for learning and history in their children.
  • Create Unforgettable Memories: Make lasting memories with a unique, educational, and fun family outing.
  • Benefit from Expert Guidance: Led by a historian specialized in family-friendly tours, ensuring an informative and captivating experience of this overwhelming venue. 
  • Immerse Your Family in History: Ideal for families with children, this tour is crafted to make history come alive through hands-on activities and storytelling.
  • Learn About Medieval Life and Customs: You'll gain insights into the historical context and significance of the Tower, including its role as a royal residence and prison.
Tower of London – For over six centuries, the Tower was not just a fortress and a prison, but also a royal menagerie. Here, monarchs showcased exotic animals like lions, elephants, and even a polar bear, which intriguingly was allowed to fish in the River Thames.
General Information
  • While we can't guide you in certain areas like the White Tower, Jewel House, and Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula due to venue rules, these parts of the Tower are still open for you to explore independently. 
Admission Tickets
  • Includes skip-the-line access tickets to the Tower of London
  • Our skip-the-line tickets will get us to a special lane where our group may have to stand in line due to security and crowd control measures.
Meeting Point
  • Your tour begins near the entrance, at a location specified in your confirmation email, which includes a map for easy reference. It concludes within the Tower grounds.
Additional Trip-Planning Resources
  • For more information on planning your tour, take a read through our Context Stories. 
  • If you are looking to learn more about London prior to a visit, check out our online lectures and audio guides. 
Please Note
  • The Tower of London has unique architectural features that contribute to the Tower's historical authenticity, but may impact accessibility for those with mobility concerns and can be difficult for maneuvering strollers. Your Context guide will be able to assist in navigating these areas.
Approximate Distance
  • Expect a moderate amount of walking; comfortable shoes are recommended. 
  • There will be a break for restroom use and opportunities to rest as needed.
  • Please communicate your needs with your guide throughout the tour. 
Wheelchair Access: 
  • Wheelchairs can be provided free on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please let our team know in advance of any mobility concerns. 
Facilities and Concessions
  • There is a lift in the White Tower that assists with access to and from the basement, though only one wheelchair user is allowed in the basement at a time for safety reasons.
  • Ramps are available at the New Armouries café and near the Raven shop. 
  • Accessible restrooms are available at various locations within the Tower​​ complex.
Transportation and Parking
  • The nearby Tower Hill (Underground), London Bridge (Overground), and Tower Gateway (DLR) stations are equipped with lifts to street level. 
  • Blue Badge parking bays are available nearby at Tower Hill Coach and Car Park​​​​.
Service Dogs
  • Are permitted at the Tower. Please inform our team ahead of time so that we can coordinate with the venue's staff. 
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Why is this tour only offered in the mornings?
Mornings are generally less crowded, which enhances your overall experience. With fewer people, you get better access to exhibits, less waiting time, and a more intimate setting to appreciate the historical significance of the Tower of London. And during warmer months, mornings are cooler and more comfortable. 

Will we get to talk to the Beefeaters on this tour?
During the tour, you will likely see Beefeaters, also known as Yeoman Warders, performing their duties. While direct interaction with them is not a standard part of our tour, observing them in their traditional roles adds a unique aspect to the experience.

What is the maximum number of guests allowed on this private tour?
This tour accommodates up to 10 guests, ensuring a personalized and intimate experience with focused attention from your guide. Additionally, parents or guardians must accompany their children for the entirety of the tour.

How long is the tour? Are there breaks, especially for younger children?
The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours. Yes, we'll be happy to adapt the pace as needed. Please communicate your group's needs with your guide throughout the walking tour.

What is the recommended age range for children on the tour? Are the themes and content suitable for young kids?
This tour is generally designed for children aged 4-12, with content tailored to be engaging and suitable for young minds. The themes are presented in a child-friendly manner, ensuring that even the youngest participants can enjoy and learn from the experience. If you're traveling with teenagers or young adults, our flagship Tower of London Tour may be a better fit. 
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Great tour with an exceptional guide! Thank you.
The tour was wonderful. However, it would have been helpful to know that on holiday weekends the tour must be modified because guides are not able to provide comments in many spaces. Our guide was experienced enough to provide many work arounds so the tour experience was excellent.
Wonderful experience! Our guide Emily was so knowledgeable and kind - the perfect person to lead us through the Tower of London. Highly recommend!