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  • Explore the American Museum of Natural History with a historian, scientist, or museum specialist.
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  • American Museum of Natural History
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The guide showed up late. Went to the staff entrance. We were in the main entrance. She was not organized and the tour had no structure to it. We basically walked through various exhibits with no explanatory info. Sometimes she would wander away from us while we were left on our own. An audio tour would have been more informative. She could have picked out some highlights and provided insight into them. She basically walked us through the museum and never provided bathroom breaks or chance to sit. We had to ask for bathroom breaks and stopped to sit. I had the feeling that she did not want to be there as she told me more than once that she would be glad to let us go off on our own. The tour ended an hour early which was fine with me as it was a miserable experience. We have used Context in Europe an US and this was the worst tour ever. I want a full refund for this tour. Context, you failed big time on this one!!
It was all perfect.
Jennifer was very personable and passionate. She was very receptive about how we wanted to spend our time in such a large museum and what types of insights we'd enjoy. For instance, she took us to the meteorite (which is interesting in its own right due to its sheer size and weight), but she explained the backstory of the Inuit community and the boy who begged for his fathers' remains. She even suggested outside sources (books and videos) so we could explore further. Without Jennifer, we would have enjoyed the exhibits more at face value than recognized the rich history (and often conflicting stories) behind how these exhibits made their way to the museum. In our case, Jennifer truly provided meaningful Context to our day in the American Museum of Natural History.