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Laurent is a friendly and witty docent, and a pleasure to be with. He has vast knowledge about the history and architecture of the Chateaux and was always more than willing to answer our questions, using each of those moments as springboards to add further points and issues of interest. His explanations about how each of the Chateaux evolved throughout their existence and about the different roles they played in the history of France gave us the keys to better understand everything we were seeing. Also interesting were his comments about the many historical personages who lived in and used the chateaux. He allocated our time very efficiently, which was very important, considering the size of the Chateaux (especially Fontainebleau) and the distance between them. Furthermore, he seized the moments we were being driven between locations to provide us with the historical background of each Chateau and other interesting information. We learnt a lot in a very smooth way.
I received a half and half review from my clients. Some believed she didn't talk a lot about the designers and all the designer she visited were her friends. The other clients thought she was very informative. Everyone was excited to see haute couture designers, and was very disappointed. I hate to give such a mix review, but this is the only way you know to improve your services.
Thorough, extensive knowledge of history, architecture and modern commercial developments. Able to adapt to the different interests of our group members.